Who Went Home on ‘Special Forces’ Season 2? Tara Reid & Two More Celebs Leave

’ Season 2? Tara Reid & Two More Celebs Leave />

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The Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test course doesn’t get any easier as the season goes on. The season 2 celebrities faced two incredibly difficult tasks in the October 2 episode, which resulted in three of the recruits leaving the show and returning home.

The celebrity recruits had to endure being submerged in freezing water and then later rappel down a steep wall. These dangerous tasks were too much for some of the stars to take. So, who went home on Special Forces? Here’s a breakdown of the celebs who have left the competition. (Note: this post will be updated weekly.)

The celebrity recruits of season 2. (FOX)

Tara Reid

Tara Reid was the first celebrity to leave the course in Special Forces season 2. The American Pie star struggled from the get-go. She made it through the first day, but she couldn’t ultimately keep up with the grueling tasks.

She was the first celebrity recruit to be submerged in the frozen lake, but she failed the task when she couldn’t remember the military order she was supposed to memorize. Halfway through the second day of the course, Tara went home. She broke down after being unable to carry her heavy backpack.

Tara Reid was the first celebrity recruit of season 2 to leave. (FOX)

“The bag is so heavy. I can’t do it. My back’s killing me,” Tara cried to one of the DS. Tara felt that the backpack’s weight should depend on the recruit’s size, and she didn’t feel like she had a fair advantage. “I don’t want to do it anymore,” she said as she handed over her armband and left the competition.

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna, whose real name is Angela White, was the second celebrity recruit to go home in the October 2 episode. Blac was the final recruit set to rappel down then steep wall and race to the finish line against a fellow recruit, but she got spooked.

Blac Chyna in episode 2. (FOX)

She looked over the wall and started to cry. She admitted she was “so scared” of this task. “I don’t know if I can do this,” the reality star said. Blac climbed up like she was going to attempt the task, but then she burst into tears. She was warned that if she didn’t attempt this task, then she would have to leave. Ultimately, Blac’s fears took over. She handed over her armband and left.

Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant passed the freezing water task, but things went awry during the second challenge of the day. He failed the second challenge when racing against Robert Horry, and he offered to try again with Blac. He was open to trying and conquer his fear of heights.

The NFL star got frustrated as he dangled off the side of the wall waiting for Blac, who never ultimately participated. The gear put pressure on his stomach. “Get this sh*t off of me,” Dez demanded when he finished.

Dez Bryant in episode 2. (FOX)

One of the DS agents said to throw Dez in the water for losing his temper. Dez stormed off and ripped off his armband. He yelled that he was “gone.” He refused to talk to the DS, but he did sit down with them when he returned to base. By that time, Dez had cooled off. He admitted that he was “disappointed” in himself. “I don’t know what took over me, man,” he added. Dez began to cry and said he was aware that he needed to “control” his emotions. Dez wanted to stay, but the DS wouldn’t have it. When he ripped off his armband, Dez made his decision. Dez was forced to go home.



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