Facials At Home – DIY Facial Tips from Experts for Dry Skin, Acne Skin

Expert tips on DIY facials for dry, acne-prone, and mature skin.

Madge Maril

May 7, 2020

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Facials have always been shrouded in mystery. While you might have a general idea of ingredients used by your facialist, it’s often a flurry of products, tools, and steps—all performed while your eyes are shut. (And isn’t relinquishing control of your skin-care routine for an hour half the fun?) So, those that fancy trying out a facial at home might feel as if they’re peeking behind a curtain of sorts. To guide you on the path to an at-home glow, we asked two facial experts to demystify the tips, tricks, and techniques of the trade.

When Is It Time For A Facial?

Our skin is constantly communicating its wants and needs—you just have to listen. Celebrity facialist Candace Marino notes that different skin types communicate it’s time for a deep treatment in different ways. “For oily skin, you may experience clogged or dilated pores indicating the need for a facial, while a dry skin type will notice a rough texture, flakes, exaggerated lines and wrinkles—that’s your skin’s way of visibly begging you for a facial,” says Marino. “Sensitive skin types may notice increased inflammation or a decreased lipid barrier, and acne-prone skin will be broken out and congested.” Another surefire sign: Consider a facial if your makeup isn’t applying or wearing well, she notes.

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