Metaverse Beauty Week: A beauty-focused shindig in cyberspace

Metaverse Beauty Week: A beauty-focused shindig in cyberspace

Fashion and beauty industries are still intent on engaging with their customers in cyberspace, and forging new links with online video game fans. The proof comes in the form of the first-ever Metaverse Beauty Week, scheduled to be held from June 12 to 17 across multiple platforms. It offers the chance to take part in immersive experiences, games and masterclasses, and to access beauty products in NFT form.

Beauty, more beauty, nothing but beauty. That’s what’s in store from this inaugural Metaverse Beauty Week, developed by the creative agency CULT. The event is billed as “the first annual beauty festival in the metaverse.” On the model of the Metaverse Fashion Week, the second edition of which took place in March, the event will offer a host of immersive experiences, aimed at brand customers and video game aficionados alike, all themed on cosmetics and, more broadly, well-being.

Games, masterclasses, benefit tips and tricks

The first-ever Metaverse Beauty Week will be held from June 12 to 17, 2023 in several large-scale virtual universes, including Roblox, Decentraland and Spatial. Users will be able to try out beauty-themed games, attend hairstyling masterclasses, benefit from tips and tricks, and discover numerous cosmetics in NFT form. All will be presented by a host of brands that should appeal to beauty fans.

Lush, Neutrogena, Glossybox, Clementine, Cosnova, Lottie London, Flannels, The Immersive Kind, The Fabricant and Valdé Beauty are among the brands that have already signed up for the event, and which will be offering experiences themed on beauty, relaxation, games and responsible cosmetics. To take part, simply register with an email address to unlock your personal access to the festival, then click on the red ’Jump In’ icon once the event has started.

Free event

The organizers of this first Metaverse Beauty Week point out that participation in the event is free of charge. While you don’t have to have a digital “wallet,” you may need one to receive rewards or use your digital assets to obtain NFTs, for example.

Otherwise, just log on and enjoy the festival program, which, in addition to cosmetics brands, will feature a number of world-renowned influencers, as well as YouTube stars.

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