Adopt Parfums to open 15 stores in Spain by December 2024

Adopt Parfums to open 15 stores in Spain by December 2024

It took only five years for Adopt Parfums to become not only a love brand, but also the No.1 brand by volume [1] in the French perfume market, with 10 million bottles sold in 2023, and a +48% growth compared to the previous year. Frédéric Stockel, CEO of Adopt Parfums, has set his sights on rolling out this concept of affordable fragrances across the world.

Adopt Parfums did not exist ten years ago [2], and five years ago, the brand-chain was almost unknown,” reminds Frédéric Stoeckel. Today, one Adopt fragrance is sold every two seconds worldwide, in around 40 countries: 10 million bottles sold in France in 2023, 15 million in the rest of the world. According to the CEO, this success is embodied in “a concept that meets consumer expectations. Some people are total fans. In France, a Facebook group for ‘fans of Adopt perfumes’ was even created. It currently counts over 13,500 members”, explains the brand’s chairman.

The brand’ major strength is that it offers fragrances at highly affordable prices: a 30-ml bottle sells for 10.95 euros. “It makes it possible for consumers to change fragrances according to their moods and desires. It is a way of consuming that is totally in tune with the times, and without breaking the bank. To achieve this, we mainly focus on the quality of the juice and offer it in simple containers with no frills and no overpackaging, which helps cut costs considerably”, says Frédéric Stoeckel.

Adopt Parfums moves to Spain – and beyond

The brand, which currently has 240 stores in France, has just opened a subsidiary in Spain to replicate its business plan across the Pyrenees. “Today, we have one store in Barcelona and one in Madrid, and they are both doing really well! We aim to open 15 in Spain by the end of 2024”, says the CEO.

Belgium will also welcome its first Adopt Parfums stores in 2024.

As for Asia, we have been pursuing our digital strategy in China and duplicated it in Taiwan. Finally, this year we are testing the arrival of Adopt Parfums in Canada”, he adds.

20 fragrance creations every year

Juice above all: that has really been our top priority since 2019, when I became the head of the company. Today, we work with major perfumers to create our fragrances. We launch about 20 every year,” explains Frédéric Stoeckel.

The next three launches will feature Indian jasmine and tiare flower, both sourced from sustainable ingredient chains that the company supports through partnerships, including with perfume creation companies. The former will be at the core of L’Or Blanc, an eau de parfum created by Firmenich perfumer Amandine Clerc-Marie, due for release for Mother’s Day, in May 2024. Two more fragrances will follow in June: Tahiti Paradis for women, and Blackstone for men: both feature Firmenich’s unique tiare flower absolute. These two olfactory creations were designed by Coralie Spicher and Fabrice Pellegrin.

Finally, since the end of 2023, Adopt Parfums has been offering customers a new 50-ml bottle to offer intense versions of the brand’s best-sellers.


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