Miley Cyrus Admits She’s Having ‘A Lot Of FaceTime Sex’ During Quarantine: It’s ‘Really Interesting’

Miley Cyrus opened up about how the pandemic has affected her dating life in a Dec. 2 interview on ‘The Howard Stern Show,’ and how she still finds ways to get frisky — safely.

Miley Cyrus, 28, has been taking safe sex to the next level. Due to safety guidelines imposed throughout the coronavirus pandemic, it has been a “really interesting and challenging” time “for any sort of dating or meeting people,” Miley shared on the Dec. 2 episode of The Howard Stern Show. However, she has found a loophole.

Miley Cyrus stays safe with a face mask on while making a grocery run in Studio City, CA on Nov. 8, 2020. (Photo Credit: MEGA)

“I do a lot of FaceTime sex – it’s the safest sex. I’m not getting COVID,” Miley admitted. “I am definitely not going to be doing anything that’s irresponsible for myself or for other people…it’s just ridiculous for anybody that won’t take the right precautions to keep each other safe. It’s f–ked up.” Kudos to Miley for simultaneously getting intimate while social-distancing.

On the subject of sex, Miley also made it clear that she did not jump in bed with her music collaborator Dua Lipa, 25, after Howard Stern said “it looks like the two of you are having full-on sex” in their steamy music video for “Prisoner” that dropped on Nov. 19. In the video, Miley and Dua get quite hot and heavy with one another — Dua even licks Miley’s face at one point. Alas, the PDA was all for the camera.

“We did not have sex,” Miley clarified during the interview. “Dua Lipa constantly reminds me. She gives me the ‘in your dreams.’ I’ve never actually had a wet dream about Dua Lipa. That’s something that she’s projecting onto me. I did not get to have sex with her unfortunately.”

(Courtesy of Miley Cyrus/Vevo)

Dua is currently dating Anwar Hadid, 21, which Miley also made sure to point out. “I don’t really wanna f–k Dua Lipa that much,” she then added. “I think I know her too well as a friend, and, like, I don’t know — not really, no. But I definitely like kind of pretending that we have because it ends up getting us a lot of views on our music video. So, it’s just manipulation, just the standard pop culture manipulation. Ok, I kind of want to f–k her, like, five percent. The more and more I’m thinking about it, I kind of do.”

Miley entered the dating scene again after splitting with her boyfriend of one year, Cody Simpson, 23, in October. The Disney Channel alum has been enjoying her newfound freedom, especially since she was in an up and down relationship with actor Liam Hemsworth, 30, that spanned the length of a decade and culminated in an eight-month marriage that ended in Aug. 2019. Fans took notice when Miley sang about how “getting married” was “just to cause a distraction” in her song “WTF Do I Know” from her new album Plastic Hearts, which dropped on Nov. 27. While no names were mentioned, some fans took this as a diss towards Liam. However, Miley made it clear that she “still” and will “always” love her ex-husband in the rest of her interview on The Howard Stern Show, even if she’s enjoying the single life (and the FaceTime sex that comes with it) now.


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