Ana Juan’s “Clickbait”

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Parents aren’t the only caretakers who have to negotiate their children’s relationship to screens—some pet owners also use apps to keep their animals occupied. For the cover of the April 22 & 29, 2024, Innovation & Tech Issue, Ana Juan depicts a cat exercising its hunting instinct on a digital tablet, ignoring the real-life mice right behind it—a scene that both illustrates and allegorizes the pernicious appeal of today’s digital pastimes. “It’s a sad metaphor for our dependence on technology,” Juan said.

For more covers that feature cats, see below:

“March 20, 1954,” by Saul Steinberg

“January 6, 1992,” by Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu

“Bodega Cat,” by R. Kikuo Johnson

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