RHONJ’s Margaret Josephs Claims Luis Ruelas ‘Threatened’ Her Son: He & Teresa Are ‘Criminals’

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The second part of The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s season 13 reunion wasn’t a good one for Teresa Giudice and husband Luis Ruelas. Not only did Rachel Fuda claim that Luis had someone track down and contact her stepson, Jaiden‘s, birth mom, but Margaret Josephs revealed that Luis contacted her son and threatened him. Teresa made it appear as though she knew nothing about what they were saying, but during the May 16 season finale, viewers saw Luis proudly admit that his buddy, Bo Dietl (a retired NYPD detective), “knows s*** about everybody in this room”.

“There was information found about what prison she’s in, [and] where she was,” Rachel revealed to the group, when Andy asked Rachel what had happened. And when she was asked why she thinks Luis was the one responsible for having someone track Jaiden’s mom down, Rachel revealed, “I was told this by somebody very close to me,” but it wasn’t one of her co-stars.


When Andy asked Teresa why Luis would want to track down Jaiden’s birth mom, Teresa said she had “no idea” with a huge smile on her face. She then deflected by blasting Margaret, who was helping defend Rachel. “Look who’s talking, [and] who’s calling the kettle black. That’s all she does is — you live and breathe by trying to find out information on people,” Teresa said.

Margaret said she would never hire a private investigator, and Teresa’s best defense was that it’s only because she doesn’t have the enough money to hire one. Obviously, the jab didn’t help Teresa’s case, as it seemingly proved she and Luis did hire one (because they have the money to do so), so Teresa then said Margaret “started” it all by trying to air Luis’ dirty laundry on camera “last season”. So even though Teresa made it appear as though she and Margaret had made amends at the start of this season, she’s clearly still holding a grudge (shocker).

Later in the episode Margaret claimed that her child “was called and threatened at work by Luis”. Again, Teresa appeared confused and made it seem as though she was hearing the information for the very first time. Margaret went on to claim that she has “phone records” that prove it, and “Teresa knows it”. Melissa Gorga said it was “freaky s***”, as Margaret pulled some phone records out of an envelope.

Interestingly, Teresa was busy doing something on her phone while Margaret was presenting the receipts, which we think comes into play later. But before we get to that, we must note that Margaret said her son was “called by name and threatened.” The person on the phone told her son, “I’m the guy you need to worry about.” Margaret then showed the phone records that seemingly prove it was Luis who called her son’s office because it showed his phone number. Teresa confirmed it was Luis’ number, but she said the call was probably just a form of “spoofing”, in which hackers disguise themselves by calling you and appearing to be one of your contacts. Andy Cohen said she could be right, but when that happens, and you pick up the phone, you don’t hear someone talking. In this case, Margaret said her son was spoken to by an actual person — a person who called him from Luis’ number. Teresa said hackers can talk to you, as it’s happened to her in the past, but Melissa made a good point in that for the “spoofing” thing to be plausible, Margaret’s son would have had to have Luis’ number already stored in his phone — something that wouldn’t be likely.

So why would Luis call Margaret’s child? But Teresa wouldn’t entertain the conversation any further — she just said Luis could answer that when he comes out on stage. “He would not call her child — please,” she said, but Margaret insisted it was “true”.

Margaret further revealed that she told Dolores Catania about the incident in April 2023, and Teresa got mad that Dolores didn’t tell her. Dolores said she was told Teresa already “knew”, and quite frankly, she said she “wants nothing to do with” the situation “at all”.

And guess what? Immediately after that was said, Teresa interrupted Andy and told him that she got “two missed calls from Margaret Josephs”, which came in while they were filming the reunion. She was trying to prove that the calls to Margaret’s son were part of a “spoofing” hack, but Rachel was quick to note that “Luis is watching” backstage, so she probably changed his name in her phone (remember when she dove into her phone earlier?), and asked him to call her twice while they were filming. It was a lame attempt to clear her and Luis’ name that didn’t work. Especially because the call Margaret’s son received was on a landline — “a business phone that no one has the number”.

Teresa went on to call Margaret the “devil”, while Margaret bashed Teresa for being “a criminal” — and “so is [Luis],” she added. Teresa, who went to prison for 11 months, couldn’t believe that she was being called a criminal.

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