‘Claim To Fame’ Winner Reflects On His Win & Hints Sibling Nick Cannon May Have More Kids ‘On The Way’

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TV’s ultimate celebrity guessing game has found its newest winner: Gabriel Cannon. Nick Cannon’s younger brother was named the Claim To Fame season 2 winner at the end of the August 28 finale. Gabriel spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife about what he believes set his strategy apart from the rest of the competition and what he plans to do with his prize money.

Gabriel Cannon in ‘Claim To Fame’ season 2. (ABC)

“I think it was just being bold with my strategy, just embracing being a part of the NFL world,” Gabriel said. “I think the way I sold it kind of helped me. There were times when JR [Stafford] was so set on what I presented him that he actually wiped the real clues off the board. I think it was just that hiding behind being a football player, but then also giving people the illusion that I was just there to have fun. I think a lot of people didn’t really see me as a threat. They didn’t think I was taking the game too seriously. I think that’s where I got over at.”

After winning the final challenge, Gabriel named Monay the guesser. She correctly guessed Chris’ identity as Donny Osmond’s son. Season 2 came down to Gabriel and Monay, and Gabriel ultimately walked away the winner after guessing Monay. is related to JB Smoove. (Monay’s real name is Jerrica Brooks.)

As the new winner, Gabriel will receive a $100,000 prize. The champion hopes to give back to the youth in his community. “I want to take everything we’re learning in Hollywood and present it to them because now that new generation’s got the technology and the tools. It’s just the direction and the guidance now, so some type of community youth empowerment motivational center,” Gabriel said about his plans. “I definitely want to use the money just to create a bridge from Hollywood for these brands and to our community and to our youth of tomorrow for sure.”

Gabriel has looked up to his older brother, Nick, for his entire life. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Just the training, just the front-row seat that I was able to get to everything he’s done is an experience you couldn’t pay for,” Gabriel told HollywoodLife about The Masked Singer host. “He just gave me a fast-forward experience to life and really the entertainment industry.”

Nick Cannon is Gabriel’s older brother. (ABC)

Being Nick’s brother means Gabriel is also an uncle to Nick’s 12 kids. Gabriel loves being the fun uncle. “With the baby and with the twins, the family is definitely growing. I don’t want to put no rumors out there, but there might be some more on the way. But it’s amazing to be an uncle. We have a beautiful family and a good time when we all gather,” Gabriel said.

He admitted that it’s been “busy” in the Cannon house over the last few years. Gabriel added, “I did figure out the secret to one of the most important questions that people ask: What do you get rich people for their birthday? What do you get rich people for Christmas? The answer is absolutely nothing. You don’t get them nothing. They’ve got everything. You show up. You show your love.”

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