Pritika Swarup Go to Bed with Me Video – Nightly Skin Care Routine

The model reveals all her beauty favorites.

Pritika Swarup, fashion model and Operation Smile ambassador, knows what it takes to maintain clear and hydrated skin. Her “simple, clean, effective, and natural” routine is proof of that. So in our latest episode of Go to Bed with Me, she’s walking us through all her beauty go-tos, from a homemade mask to trusted brands like La Mer and Mario Badescu.

Read on for a partial breakdown of her routine and shop her favorites below.

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To begin, Swarup removes her makeup by applying virgin coconut oil. Then, she uses a homemade facial mask, which she says she’s been making and using since she was a girl.

“My mom and I would use this time to spend with each other and just make it a fun activity,” she says of the mask. “This homemade mask has been passed down from generation to generation of my family.”

The recipe includes a tablespoon of the following ingredients: turmeric, honey, lemon, chickpea flour (which Swarup says acts as an exfoliant), yogurt, and coconut oil. “It’s really delicious looking,” she says, referring to the mixture. “It’s very pampering and nourishing, and I really love how my skin feels afterwards.”

Swarup washes off the mask after 15 minutes and advises using it about three times per week.

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