Tiffany Pollard: 5 Things To Know About The ‘I Love New York’ Star & Reality TV Fan Favorite

Tiffany Pollard looked back at her iconic VH1 dating show, ‘I Love New York,’ in a reunion special that aired on Nov. 23! Learn more about the reality TV legend and what she’s up to these days.

When you think of reality television dating shows, one name instantly comes to mind: Tiffany Pollard. The small-screen legend, born in 1982, made a name for herself on various VH1 shows — one of them being her most iconic, I Love New York.

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On the two seasons of I Love New York, various men competed to be Tiffany’s significant other. Over 10 years later, some of these contestants — such as Tailor Made, Tango, Whiteboy and Mr. Boston — reunited with Tiffany for the I Love New York: Reunited special that aired on Nov. 23, 2020, hosted by Vivica A. Fox! Even Tiffany’s mom, Sister Patterson, joined the highly-anticipated special. Now, learn more about Tiffany after watching the nostalgic reunion:

1. Tiffany vied for Flavor Flav’s affections on Flavor of Love. Instead of Broadway, Tiffany was actually “walking down Hollywood Boulevard” when she was discovered in the 2000’s, which she revealed to Paper Magazine in a Nov. 2020 cover story. Thus, her reality television career was born when she was 23 years old. She made her TV debut on Flavor of Love in 2006, on which she competed against 19 other women to win the affections of rapper Flavor Flav. Tiffany became an icon on the show, and one of her scenes on the dating show — in which she sits alone on her bed to isolate herself from the other contestants — has been used for years as a reaction meme on Twitter. Although she finished the season as a runner-up, Flavor Flav invited Tiffany back for another season; while she did not ultimately win that season either, her career was just getting started.

A throwback photo of Tiffany Pollard in the late 2000’s. (Photo Credit: VH1)

2. After Flavor of Love, Tiffany earned her own spin-off show! Flavor Flav gave Tiffany her iconic nickname: “New York.” With that being her new alias, combined with her fan-favorite status on Flavor of Love, it only made sense that Tiffany was given her own spin-off dating show in which she got to pick her suitors, called I Love New York. The series premiered on VH1 in 2007, and Tiffany returned to find love again on I Love New York 2, which also aired in 2007.

3. Tiffany has gone on to land even more shows on VH1, including one that premiered in 2020. After the I Love New York era, Tiffany still carried her “New York” name into the VH1 shows New York Goes to Hollywood (which followed her pursuit to become an actress in Los Angeles in 2008) and New York Goes to Work (in which Tiffany tried out regular, non-Hollywood related jobs that fans selected in 2009).

More than a decade later, Tiffany made her grand return on VH1 with her new show called Brunch with Tiffany, which premiered in Sept. 2020. In this new series, Tiffany hits up dining hotspots in NYC while diving into entertaining chats with her famous friends.

4. She has also appeared in a number of other reality TV shows. While Tiffany has starred in a number of her own reality TV series, she has also been a competitor on other shows like Celebrity Big Brother, Ex on the Beach and Scared Famous.

5. Tiffany acts, too. She made her debut in the 2008 comedy First Sunday, starring Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan. She also played “Reesie” on the TV series DTLA, and appeared in the film Sharknado 5: Global Swarming. Tiffany will also star in a new series called The Shaw, which is currently in post-production as of the fall of 2020.


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