Russell Wilson ‘Getting Tested’ For COVID ‘All The Time’ To Ensure, He, Ciara & Their Kids Are Safe

Russell Wilson wants to be on the field this NFL season to ‘support’ important causes like ‘BLM’ but he’s taking precautionary measures to avoid getting or spreading COVID-19 to teammates and family.

Russell Wilson, 31, may be getting back in the game with the Seattle Seahawks this NFL season, but he’s keeping a close eye on himself when it comes to COVID-19. The professional football player is “excited” to go back on the field and understands the precautions he must take to ensure he and his family, including wife Ciara, 34, and their children, stepson Future, 6, daughter Sienna, 3, and one-month-old son Win, stay as healthy as possible. “When it comes to COVID and his family and his newborn, he is taking all precautions, getting tested all the time,” a source EXCLUSIVELY revealed to HollywoodLife.

“The NFL also might be issuing new helmets to curb the spread of COVID, and he has been practicing with them just to make sure he would be ready for it if it comes his way,” the source continued. “And if the NFL mandates him to wear it, he will. He is taking it all very seriously, and he is taking his job very seriously and he trusts that the Seahawks will keep him safe and his team safe. Ciara is well aware of the steps he is taking. They are a very close family and are very spiritual and know they have the backing from God.”

Russell Wilson, seen here with wife Ciara and two of their three kids, is making sure to keep safe from COVID this NFL season. (MEGA)

The source went on to explain that Russell’s excitement about playing games again is not distracting him from the seriousness of the virus. “He knows the reality of everything that is going on and will always continue to monitor it,” the insider said. “Ciara knows that he is doing the right thing and she supports him playing and knows that he will keep their family safe.”

In addition to his love of football, Russell’s motivation for getting back on the field is to publicly support causes important to him, like Black Lives Matter. “Russell is recently removed from signing a $140 million dollar contract. His job with the Seahawks is very important,” the source explained. “Along with that, the things that are happening in the world with BLM has really touched him and he wants to be there for that and be a role model for the cause. He also wants to be on the field and show his support there for all those causes.”

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As a proud dad to his three children, including his newborn boy, who he can be seen with in the video above, Russell wants to make a lasting impression so he can be a positive role model for his kids. “Russell knows that he is an important voice in the black community and wants to continue to be a beacon of hope to everyone that looks up to him,” the source pointed out. “He knows he doesn’t have all the answers and that he can’t heal all wounds but if he needs to use his platform to talk about issues of race to a broader public he will never hesitate. He wants to be an inspiration to everyone that looks up to him, especially when it comes to his children. He is interested in being a role model.”
Russell is set to play his first game of the season with the Seattle Seahawks on Sept. 13.


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