Edward Steed’s “A Loveliness of Ladybugs”

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Landscape artists paint sweeping vistas, regarding the wonder of the world from a certain distance. Cartoonists, when evoking natural scenes, often zero in on smaller details, like the bugs that tumble and crawl in the grass. In his cover for the June 26, 2023, issue, Ed Steed heralds summer, depicting some colorful Coccinellidae—the scientific term for the family of small beetles colloquially known as the ladybug, a swarm of which is collectively called a loveliness. I talked to the artist about the joy of painting, an affection for the little things, and the luck of the ladybugs.

Each of these ladybugs seems to have its own personality. While you’re working, do you consciously think about each one as it relates to the group?

That’s the good thing about painting by hand. No matter how hard you try to make things look the same, each comes out unique. So each one ends up having its own character. Just like in real life, no two of anything can be the same.

Are there one or two of these bugs for whom you have a particular affection, and, if so, which ones?

I can’t help but identify with whichever one I’m painting. It comes alive when I put the pupils in the eyes, and for a moment it seems to have feelings about its position in life and the bugs that surround it. Then I forget all about it and move on to the next one. It would be too exhausting to empathize with all of them all of the time.

Ladybugs are said to bring good luck. Do you subscribe to this piece of insect lore?

I’d never heard that one. It always feels good to see one in the wild. They feel more special than the other, less colorful insects. This isn’t really fair to the rest, but that’s the way it goes. I was told as a child that ladybugs were important and that I shouldn’t kill them. But that was practical, not superstitious—they eat aphids.

Do you like being outdoors? Are there any summer activities that you look forward to year after year?

I like to be outdoors, but I try to avoid activities if possible. I like to sit around doing nothing much. If you grow up on a farm, as I did, your attitude toward animals is different from that of city people. Their fussing over some creatures they love and others they fear or abhor can seem deranged and confused. But I found it’s best to just go along and keep your sensible ideas to yourself.

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