Kylie Jenner Rocks A Striped Swimsuit Just Like Selena Gomez For New Kylie Cosmetics Shoot

Kylie Jenner’s new cosmetics collection is here! She’s dolled up as a sultry sailor in her latest summer campaign — which looks quite similar to Selena Gomez’s red, white and blue outfit in her  ‘Ice Cream’ music video.

One of these things looks a lot like the other! Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez recently released separate, new projects just days apart. Coincidentally, the young stars rocked similar looks that we love!

First, the singer dropped a new collab, “Ice Cream,” with BLACKPINK on August 28 — in which she donned a red and white striped sailor swimsuit in the music video. Then, the Kylie Cosmetics CEO released her new Sailor Summer Collection on August 31, which is exactly what it sounds like. Kylie sported a red and white striped sailor swimsuit in new promotional photos from the campaign. Just like Selena, Kylie also wore a cute sailor hat.

While this isn’t a copycat situation, it’s certainly ironic that Selena and Kylie both went with sailor themes for their latest projects. But, there are many differences in their red, white and blue outfits. Let’s start with the hats: Kylie’s had a gold anchor and a blue stripe, while Selena’s was all white with a blue anchor on the side.

As for their swim tops: Kylie’s was strapless and Selena’s featured thick straps with bowties. The red and white stripes on Kylie’s top were much more spaced out than Selena’s. Additionally, Kylie’s top featured a big, blue center bow, while Selena’s top had three small buttons on its front.

While the two stars were wearing gold jewelry in their respective photos, Kylie had on bracelets, while Selena wore thick, gold hoops. Other differences included their lips, hair, makeup and of course, the purpose of their individual projects. Kylie’s sailor look was courtesy of her latest cosmetics theme and Selena’s was part of her most recent musical persona. The singer portrayed a sexy, non-traditional ice cream delivery person in the BLACKPINK visual.

One thing we can all most likely agree on, is that both Kylie and Selena are stunning in the new photos. They’ve worked tirelessly on their individual crafts and it’s paying off. Join us in celebrating these two powerhouse women!


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