Kim Kardashian Just Launched a New Skims Bra With Built-in Nipples

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Is there anything Kim Kardashian can’t do? The 43-year-old just took her Skims brand to a whole new level when she debuted the new Skims Ultimate Nipple Bra which has built-in fake nipples on it. She announced the new product by posting a sexy video of herself wearing it and revealed it will launch on October 31.

In the video, Kim pretended to be a scientist as she sat at a desk while typing on a computer. In the promo, Kim wore a skintight taupe T-shirt that clearly showed off her nipples through the top. She styled the top with a pair of matching pants and glasses as she said to the camera, “The earth’s temperature is getting hotter and hotter, the sea levels are rising, the ice sheets are shrinking, and I’m not a scientist, but I do believe everyone can use their skill set to do their part.”

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Kim then went on to say in the video, “No matter how hot it is, you’ll always look cold.” Kim was full of one-liners in the campaign and she ended the funny bit by saying, “Some days are hard, but these nipples are harder, and unlike the icebergs, these aren’t going anywhere.”

The Ultimate Nipple Bra will launch on Tuesday, October 31 at 9AM PT / 12PM ET, and you can join the waitlist to gain early access to shop the bra. The brand described the bra as, “Perfect fullness with a built-in, faux nipple for shock factor.”

Skims will also donate 10% of sales from the SKIMS Ultimate Nipple Bra, “as a one-time donation, to 1% for the Planet – a global network with thousands of businesses and environmental organizations working together to support people and the planet.”


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