Tom Cruise, 58, Flies Through The Air On A Motorcycle While Filming ‘Mission: Impossible’ Stunt — Pic

Hard at work! Tom Cruise really went for it while filming an action scene for ‘Mission: Impossible,’ which featured him flying off a ramp while riding a motorcycle, on Sept. 6.

Tom Cruise famously does his own stunts, and he was at it once again while filming the seventh Mission: Impossible movie in Norway. The 58-year-old rode a motorcycle off of a long ramp and went flying into the air for the stunt, which definitely looked to be quite dangerous. Eventually, he jumped off the motorcycle, flew in the air and to the ground with help from a parachute.

Tom Cruise shoots through the air on a motorcycle while filming ‘Mission: Impossible’ on Sept. 6, 2020. (Geir Olsen / NTB scanpix via AP)

Despite being just two years away from 60, Tom is truly showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to going all-out for his action films. Back in 2017, he broke his ankle while jumping between buildings for a stunt on the Mission: Impossible — Fallout set, and fans were worried that it meant he’d be taking it easier in the future. However, these photos definitely prove that Tom is still at it for the next installment of the franchise!

Tom Cruise floats to the ground with a parachute on set of ‘Mission: Imposssible.’ (Geir Olsen / NTB scanpix via AP)

The first Mission: Impossible movie premiered back in 1996, followed by the first sequel, Mission Impossible 2, in 2000. After that, there was Mission: Impossible III in 2006, Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol in 2011, Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation in 2015 and Mission: Impossible — Fallout in 2018.

Mission Impossible 7 is expected to premiere on November 19, 2021. This is four months later than the original projected release date of July 2021, which was pushed back due to unexpected production delays. Filming for the movie was set to begin in Feb. 2020 in Venice, but production was suspended because of the coronavirus outbreak in Italy at the beginning of the year.

Finally, in July 2020, the crew was given permission to begin filming again in the U.K. By August, filming was also allowed to resume in Norway. Preventative measures have been put in place to try and avoid any further setbacks from the virus.


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