‘The Boys’ Star Chace Crawford: The Deep Has Hit ‘Rock Bottom’ & He’ll ‘Struggle’ In Season 2

The Deep’s journey is just beginning. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with ‘The Boys’ star Chace Crawford about The Deep’s life after The Seven, if he can be redeemed, and riding a whale (sort of) in season 2.

The Deep is down deep in the dumps. At the end of The Boys season 1, The Deep went on sabbatical from The Seven in the aftermath of Starlight going forward about being sexually assaulted. In an effort to preserve Vought’s reputation, The Deep was nixed for the time being. Needless to say, when season 2 picks up The Deep is not in the best spirits. Chace Crawford talked EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife about the state of The Deep in season 2.

“He was definitely having a bit of a mental breakdown there, you know what I mean?” Chace told HollywoodLife during The Boys season 2 press junket. “He’s been drinking a lot. We kind of pick up right where we left off. He’s kind of at that rock bottom place where if you see a Life Alert commercial comes on, he’s probably tearing up and breaking down even more. It doesn’t help that no one’s helping him, so he will literally take any hand that extends itself to help him, and he does the first one to sort of come across his path. He sort of introduces him to a religious world of sorts where he can try and appear like he’s doing a lot of self-reflecting, which he is. But to what degree he’s going to be redeemed is left to be found out.”

Chace Crawford contemplates at The Deep in season 2. (Amazon)

The members of The Seven, with the exception of Starlight and Queen Maeve, aren’t exactly heroes. HollywoodLife asked the Gossip Girl alum whether or not this season will be a path of redemption for The Deep. “I don’t know if he can ever actually be redeemed, but at least we can see him squirm and struggle and hate every minute of being found out and to face himself,” Chace said.

One of the most highly-anticipated season 2 scenes is when The Deep rides a whale, which was shown in a San Diego Comic-Con teaser. Yes, you read that right. A whale. The Deep is no stranger to marine animals, but a whale ride is definitely taking things to a whole new level.

Chace Crawford stars as The Deep. (Amazon)

“To be honest, I was just like, how are we going to shoot this? I thought it was hilarious…” Chace continued. “They had a full beached whale skeleton that they created obviously. The skin [felt] real. It was to size. Me actually riding it was a second set with like the biggest green screen I ever saw outdoors. I think I had to climb a ladder to get on this mechanical whale.” The Boys season 2 will premiere Sept. 4 with its first 3 episodes on Amazon Prime Video.

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