Shawn Mendes Unleashes His Powerful ‘Wonder’ Ballad On The AMAs Stage

Equipped with new music, Shawn Mendes melted hearts on the stage with his performance of his latest single ‘Wonder’ at the 2020 American Music Awards!

Shawn Mendes is back with a bang at the American Music Awards! This time, the 22-year-old pop sensation arrived with new music, which he performed in an electric performance for the 2020 award show that aired on Nov. 22. Shawn started with a gentle performance of “Wonder” on the piano — – his new song that dropped on Oct. 1 — which led him to later unleash his vocals for the song’s powerful crescendo.

Shawn Mendes plays the piano at the 2020 AMAs. (Photo Credit: ABC)

Shawn’s performance comes just two days after he released his big collaboration with Justin Bieber, 26, “Monster,” on Nov. 20 — which he also had the chance of performing with his fellow Canadian superstar at the 2020 AMAs!

Shawn Mendes performs “Wonder” at the 2020 AMAs. (Photo Credit: ABC)

Ahead of the AMAs and their collaboration’s release, though, Justin couldn’t help but cheekily poke fun at the fact that he once asked in an interview, “Who’s Shawn Mendes?,” in a tweet. Justin definitely knows who Shawn is now, who also had a brief romance with the pop star’s wife, Hailey Baldwin, 23, before the model reconnected with Justin in June of 2018.

The Canadian heartthrob (Shawn, not Justin) won “Collaboration of the Year” with his girlfriend Camila Cabello, 23, for their hit song “Señorita” at the 2019 AMAs. Shawn also picked up the award for “Favorite Artist” in the “Adult Contemporary” contemporary award two years in a row in 2018 and 2017, and has scored three more nominations in other categories.

Shawn’s 2020 performance at the AMAs is an exciting warmup for his new album, Wonder, which will hit streaming platforms on Dec. 4. Before then, Shawn is also treating fans to a documentary called Shawn Mendes: In Wonder, which will arrive on Nov. 23! In a preview for the documentary, Shawn discusses the struggles that come with being a big time pop star, and is even joined at one point by Camila.


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