‘Say Yes To The Dress’ Preview: A Bride’s Dead Grandmother Disapproves Of A Black Wedding Gown

Bride-to-be Satin tries on a black wedding down in this EXCLUSIVE ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ preview, but her dead grandmother comes through a medium and tells Satin to say no to this dress.

Hip hop medium Satin “Aries” Latimer gets a message from the other side from her dead grandmother while trying on wedding gowns in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Sept. 5 episode of Say Yes To The Dress. When Satin tries on a black sequined wedding gown, one of her bridesmaids immediately turns up her nose. Satin’s grandmother, Big Ma, has come through bridesmaid Felicia Jones, who is also a fellow medium.

Big Ma is telling Felicia that Satin should not pick this black wedding dress. “Not open for discussion,” Felicia relays to Satin. “This is not tradition. You should be in white.”

Bride-to-be Satin wants to wear a black wedding gown. (TLC)

For Satin, even though her grandmother is gone, she still wants to make her proud. “My grandmother’s opinion today means everything. I am walking in my truth. I am walking in the gift that she left behind. And, of course, I want her to be proud, so I am going to bend a little bit.”

Satin tells her style consultant that she’s open to other dresses, but she wants to hang on to the black one. She’s not too happy about it, but she’s going to listen to Big Ma on this one! “Out here, cuttin’ a whole damn fool,” Satin says as she walks away. “You tell her I said it.” When Satin is no longer within hearing range, Felicia says the dress looks like “Big Bird in black.”

Satin’s grandmother, through Satin’s bridesmaid, says she disapproves of a black wedding dress. (TLC)

Satin has come to Kleinfeld to look for a black dress to honor the spirits of her loved ones who have passed at her ‘”Day of the Dead” themed wedding. After some internal debating, Satin finds spiritual healing in trying on more traditional white wedding dresses. With her entourage and the spirit of her grandmother nodding in approval, she says yes to the dress. Also in the episode, bride Krystina Stanton put in a lot of work to get her feisty mom to fall in love with her blush Lazzaro dress. Now she is rushing down the runway towards her fiancé at a beautiful starlit greenhouse wedding. New episodes of Say Yes To The Dress airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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