Morgan Myles Dances Through The Wreckage Of A ‘Toxic Situation’ In New ‘Mad At Myself’ Video

If Morgan Myles was looking for a sign that her life’s going in the right direction, she found it. HL has the EXCLUSIVE premiere of her new music video, and she tells us it’s about making ‘my voice be heard.’

Set against the desolate-but-breathtaking backdrop of the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, “Mad At Myself” – the new video from Morgan Myles, premiering here on HollywoodLife – finds the award-winning country artist wandering through a maze of her own emotions. Morgan grapples with a relationship gone wrong as she walks through the discarded remnants of Sin City’s past, the discarded promises of jackpots, and making it big. “Wish I could blame you / for making me lie / lie to myself,” sings Morgan at an unnamed person who’s done her wrong. Ultimately, instead of pinning all her pain on another, Morgan concludes that she’s just “mad at myself” for being played.

Though the song applies to anyone who’s ever had a lover do them dirty, the song was written after Morgan was wronged professionally. “I wrote ‘Mad At Myself’ while fighting for my identity in a very toxic career situation,” Morgan shares with HollywoodLife. “The only place that was safe at that time was the writing room – trying to write out my frustrations and find a way for my voice to be heard. So, when I first saw pictures of The Neon Museum, I knew I had to shoot a music video there. It’s just so visually amazing.”

The award-winning Morgan Myles (Jeremy Ryan)

“Of all the songs on my debut album, ‘Mad At Myself’ seemed like the right vibe for this location because of its vibrant, more pop sound,” adds Morgan. “But going deeper… lyrically, the song is about looking back to the past and processing what happened – I saw a correlation with these vibrant Vegas signs that were now just a part of the past.”

“Mad At Myself” comes on the heels of something joyous, actually. Morgan won big at the 2020 Nashville Industry Music Awards on Aug. 24, taking home both Artist of The Year and Album of The Year (both in the all-genre category.) The awards “recognize the Middle Tennessee music industry along with supporting and nurturing the music community,” and Morgan won big thanks to her debut album, Therapy. The project was co-produced by Jason Mater – who described Morgan’s vocal power as “unmatched” – and by Grammy Award-nominated songwriter Corey Crowder. “”I’m completely speechless,” said Morgan in her acceptance speech. “Thank you so much for appreciating my voice, my musicianship, my writing – it’s all that I live to do.”

Morgan Myles poses with her two NIMAs in 2020 (Morgan Myles)

Morgan’s album is called Therapy because – as she writes on her website – music “is Therapy. Music has a way of reaching people even in their most darkest, hardest times. When we are in those times, we reach a place of isolation. Music is something we can independently reach for when we are alone and feel completely helpless. Sometimes that one song might empower us enough to start talking, to start reaching out, to ultimately start the healing process. That is what this music did for my soul while writing through the pain… and it is what pulled me out of that pain afterward.”

Morgan’s album Therapy is out now.


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