‘Mean Girls’ Musical Star Allison Winn Reveals How Her Caroline Krafft Is ‘Different’ From the OG Version

2024 is going to be so fetch thanks to the new Mean Girls musical movie! Actress Allison Winn exclusively opened up to Hollywood Life about her role, Caroline Krafft, what it was like working with Mean Girls creator Tina Fey and sharing the screen with Angourie Rice. This new version of Miss Krafft, Allison emphasized, is different from the one we all saw in the original film. 

“I will say that Caroline in the first movie and in this movie is everything that Cady is afraid of becoming herself,” Allison explained. “In the first one, Caroline is unglamorous, she’s confident and openly smart. And, you know, she’s awkward. And that is just like — for Cady — looking in a mirror. So, in 2024, we’re going to have a similar type of fear, but very different characteristics; I’ll say a different reflection for Cady.” 

As die-hard fans recall, actress Clare Preuss’ Caroline Krafft is the student whom Lindsay Lohan’s character, Cady Heron, goes head-to-head with during the mathletes’ competition against Marymount Prep. Cady ends up defeating her when she remembers what Ms. Norbury taught her class about limits, coining the infamous line, “The limit does not exist!” In the upcoming musical film adaptation, Angourie — whom Allison called “phenomenal – portrays Cady.  

Allison Winn, Courtesy of Corey Hayes

“She’s an absolute doll in person, and she’s just down to earth and beautiful and lovely and professional,” Allison added about Angourie. 

As for how Allison snagged her role, she approached her audition fully in character by dressing up “like the Marymount Catholic school girl,” with “no makeup” on. After impressing the casting directors, she was cast “straight from [her] self tape.” 

Since she has worked with Tina twice in her career so far, Allison noted that the actress and comedian multi-hyphenate “hires cool people” for her projects and noted that everyone who worked on the set was “laid back.” The 30 Rock alum reprises her role as Ms. Norbury in the musical, and Tina served as a writer and producer for the production. 

“And that is just so nice, and really different,” Allison said, referring to the vibes on set. “And working in comedy versus drama, there’s already just a different tone. So, everybody’s here to have a good time. And that is something I really appreciate about comedy, and about Mean Girls. This is such a legendary movie at this point. So, we were all just buzzing being there. And the actors I got to work with were amazing.” 

Mean Girls hits theaters on January 12, 2024. 

Here, you can see <a href="https://hollywoodlife.com/celeb/lindsay-lohan/"><strong>Lindsay Lohan</strong></a> side-by-side with her playing the main character, Cady. Take a look at her hair, makeup, and clothes… she's already a Plastic! Following <em>Mean Girls</em>, Lindsay was on top of the world, starring in <em>Herbie Fully Loaded</em>, <em>Just My Luck</em>, and more teen-geared films. She also launched her music career with songs like 'Rumors.' Following years of legal problems and struggles with addiction, Lindsay has taken a step back from acting. She <a href="https://hollywoodlife.com/2022/07/02/lindsay-lohan-married-wedding-bader-shammas/">married</a> <strong>Bader Shammas</strong> in July 2022. 

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