Jennifer Aniston Reflects on ‘Awkward’ Sex Scene With Jon Hamm in ‘The Morning Show’

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Jennifer Aniston spoke about filming her sex scene with Jon Hamm in season 3 of The Morning Show in a new interview with Variety, published on Monday, December 11. When asked how she prepared for the scene, Jennifer, 54, revealed that the Mad Men alum, 52, couldn’t have been nicer while working it out. She also complimented their director Mimi Leder for her great work helping them get through the scene.

Jennifer’s character Alex Levy hooking up with billionaire Paul Marks (played by Jon) came in the sixth episode of season 3. It set off a short-lived romance between the two characters. Jennifer revealed that both Mimi and Jon did everything they could to make sure that she was completely comfortable while filming the scene. “Having Mimi there, you’re protected. I never felt uncomfortable. Jon was such a gentleman, always — I mean every move, every cut, ‘You OK?’ It was also very choreographed,” she admitted.

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Besides complimenting Mimi alongside the editor and lighting and music, Jennifer also revealed that she chose to forgo having an intimacy coordinator on set. ” They asked us if we wanted an intimacy coordinator. I’m from the olden days, so I was like, ‘What does that mean?’ They said, ‘Where someone asks you if you’re OK,’ and I’m like, ‘Please, this is awkward enough!’” she said. “We’re seasoned — we can figure this one out.”

In the joint interview (with co-star and fellow executive producer Reese Witherspoon), Jennifer also admitted that it was fun to get to work with her longtime friend Jon. She revealed that she had first met the Mad Men star back in the 90s, after Paul Rudd introduced them. “But that was fun. I’ve known the Hammanator for a long, long time,” she said.

Back in February, the third season wrapped up filming, and Jennifer shared an emotional post on Instagram marking the end of the latest season. She even included a behind-the-scenes shot of her and Jon. In the last slide, it was her speaking to the crew and getting choked up. “I am so lucky to get to work with you,” she said.


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