Huntley: 5 Things to Know About the Standout Finalist on ‘The Voice’ Season 24

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Huntley, whose real name is Michael Huntley, has rocked out week after week on The Voice. After a memorable Blind Audition, the 33-year-old has quickly risen as a top contender of season 24. The Virginia artist is facing off against Mara Justine, Jacquie Roar, Lila Forde, and Ruby Leigh in the two-night season finale, airing December 18 and 19.

So, who is Huntley? He’s been singing his entire life. Reba McEntire pointed out that Huntley has a Chris Stapleton vibe, and all the coaches believe Huntley has a long career ahead of him. As the season 24 finale gets underway, Hollywood Life has all the news you need to know about Huntley.

Huntley Got a 4-Chair Turn

For his Blind Audition, Huntley performed a stellar rendition of “She Talks to Angels” by The Black Crowes. All 4 coaches turned their chairs for Huntley. To help him choose a coach, he brought his daughter, Stella, on stage. She chose Niall Horan to be Huntley’s coach.

Huntley sailed through the Battles, Knockouts, and Playoffs with incredible performances. “What you’re giving us on stage is well beyond a competition,” John Legend told Huntley. “You’re already a star.” Now, he’s made it all the way to the season 24 finale.

Huntley Is a Dad

Huntley introduced his 6-year-old daughter Stella to the world during his Blind Audition. He sweetly honored his daughter with his performance of David Kushner’s “Daylight” during the Playoffs. He welcomed his son in 2021. After not having a relationship with his father, Huntley is a dedicated dad to his two children.

Huntley Lives in Virginia

Huntley’s hometown is Spring Hill, Florida, but he currently lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He moved to Nashville briefly after two years of college, but he ultimately returned to Virginia, according to his NBC bio. Before The Voice, Huntley was performing all throughout Virginia.

Huntley on ‘The Voice.’ (NBC)

Huntley Has Released His Debut Single

The singer released his debut single “Holdin On” in 2022. He’s also performed the original song “Fire & Flames” on Instagram.

Huntley Has Been a Booking Agent

Huntley has worked as a booking age for musicians since 2022. However, he’s since transitioned into a full-time musician performing 5 times a week.


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