Found’s Shanola Hampton Teases Gabi’s Unraveling in Final Season 1 Episodes: ‘The Train Is Off the Tracks’

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Gabi Mosely has a lot on her plate. As the recovery specialist continues to find missing people, she’s got one huge secret locked away in her basement: Sir. Gabi has kidnapped her own kidnapper in an act of personal justice. Throughout the season, Gabi has turned to Sir for help in solving cases and bringing missing people home safely. However, Gabi has warned Sir that once she’s gotten answers about Annie, it’s “over” for him.

Hollywood Life spoke exclusively with Found star Shanola Hampton about Gabi’s plans for Sir. “I think at this point she’s seen how much damage it is having him around and how much it has affected her ability to move on and heal, that she really feels there’s only one choice,” Shanola said.

Does she want to kill Sir? “You think she’s not capable of that. He thinks that, but she also wasn’t capable of being a kidnapper,” the actress pointed out. “Sometimes people’s back gets against the wall. It’s not right, but when they feel like their back’s against the wall there’s only one option. I think that’s where Gabrielle is right now.”

Shanola Hampton in ‘Found.’ (NBC)

Shanola stressed that “the train is off the tracks” for Gabi and a breaking point is coming. “It is all coming to a head,” she continued. “It’s not going to slow down at this point. Once the train is off the tracks, the train is off the tracks. It’s going down a mountain at full speed, and it’s got nothing to do but to crash. What does that crash look like? That’s what we’re going to see the rest of the season, and it really will be satisfying. That I can promise. We have so much that’s about to happen, and so many things are going to be revealed.”

Gabi having to work with Sir has placed guilt on her shoulders. “She hates it,” Shanola told Hollywood Life. “She hates having to depend on him. But if you think about it, who intellectually has been able to be on par with Gabi? One person: Sir, who trained her in this intellectual space. I think that she doesn’t want to need him but knows that, in many ways, much to her chagrin, she does.”

The Shameless alum added, “She hates herself for lying to her friends, her family, for not healing, but encouraging others to heal and being incapable of doing it herself, for going down and not being able to get into the mind of these monsters that kidnap people herself. There’s a lot of self-loathing.”

Mark-Paul Gosselaar in ‘Found.’ (NBC)

It’s been two decades since Gabi was kidnapped by Sir, but the impact of what happened to her remains a core aspect of the character in the present day. “That’s the root of Gabi,” Shanola said. “That’s the root of Mosley & Associates. We don’t judge how each other heals or the length of how long the healing process takes. That’s the other part about this show. You have the procedural. You have the thriller. You have the relevance socially. You have trauma not discriminating and also healing not having a certain face. Trauma is Margaret. Trauma is Dhan. Trauma is Zeke. How they feel is completely different, and there’s no judgment.”

The dynamic between Gabi and Sir is very reminiscent of Clarice Starling and Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs. While Gabi thinks she’s in control with Sir now that the tables have turned between them, Shanola noted that “a lot of times it’s Sir making her feel like she’s in control, and then he plays the mind games.” Found airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. The series has been renewed for season 2.

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