Executive Producer Angel Cassani Develops New Film: ‘Dime Detective’

Image Credit: Venture Entertainment and line production of Perrenque Media Lab.

Throughout the last two decades, he has worked with such names as Andy Garcia, Lee Caplin, and Melissa Leo. After gaining more than 20 years of experience in the industry, he plans to continue producing and bringing more remarkable stories to the screen. One of his most recent ventures, set to be filmed in Puerto Rico, tells the story of a hardened detective navigating the turbulent lifestyle of a man devoted to protecting the city he calls home. The film, titled Dime Detective, is being produced by Venture Entertainment, and Cassani can’t wait to shift the project into gear.

Cassani, who initially worked as a Wall Street financial advisor throughout the 1990s, eventually became one of the highest executives of worldwide known banking entities before entering the entertainment industry. As mentioned above, one of the names he has worked with is Lee Caplin, and it is Cassani’s work with Caplin that would ultimately lead to the new film as he brings his long-time partner, producer Carl-Jan Colpaert, to co-produce this film. Cassani says about the fruition of Dime Detective, “This project was presented by my partner Lee Caplin, also producer of series True Detective.” He added, “Lee and I connected first during the pandemic, and we share visions about the industry, [and] therefore decided to produce a couple of projects in collaboration…Cassani has been working alongside one of his partners based in Spain this year, the producer Alvaro Garnica, to bring a series of documentaries to the small screen soon, of which we will give more news next year.”

Dime Detective is set in a tropical Caribbean environment, where Lieutenant Javier “Tank” Tanquiero—a calloused man haunted by his past and struggling with PTSD—works tirelessly to protect the innocent citizens of the city he loves. Tank and his partner discover the gruesome remains of a woman murdered and dumped in a landfill and work to end a serial killer’s maddening game. Tank knows that he will never forget the victims or the many horrors he has witnessed, but throughout the story, he remains dedicated to moving forward. This is a man who uses the casualties of life to propel himself forward, stronger and more resilient, rather than allowing tragedies to derail him. No matter the cost, Tank knows he will always stand up for what is right, which is no easy feat in the face of so much suffering and misfortune around him.

Dime Detective is set to partner with content, film, and TV production company Perrenque Media Lab, which is based in Colombia. About this partnership, Cassani notes, “We have worked with Perrenque Media Lab before and regard it as an excellent production services company, especially due to its line production by Cristina Villar Rosa. We are very excited to join forces with them again on this project.”

Venture Entertainment eagerly anticipates the start of this project, which is sure to become a relatable tale of strife and justice. Audiences awaiting the production can look forward to the same integrity that Cassani has brought to his past projects, including one of his most recent films, Land of Grace, starring Josh Hutcherson and Frank Grillo. Regarding his latest project, Cassani said, “Dime Detective is expected to be filmed in Puerto Rico and Colombia. The plot mixes the political story with a tropical and islander environment.” Cassani says. “As a developer, I am always in the search for new stories to tell,” and as a man, he has long pronounced his affection for loyalty and trustworthiness—traits which he holds in the highest regard. Considering this, it’s no surprise that he was drawn to Dime Detective and the story of a man like Tank, who will surely be portrayed with these qualities at the forefront.

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