David & Victoria Beckham Reenact Hilarious ‘Be Honest’ Moment for Uber Eats Super Bowl Ad

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David and Victoria Beckham have a sense of humor when it comes to making fun of themselves! The famous pair will be appearing in their own Super Bowl ad for Uber Eats, and the 30-second teaser is nothing short of hilarious. The clip references Victoria’s viral moment from her and David’s docuseries, Beckham, in which he told her to “be honest” about her past. 

“So, David and I are going to be in a little commercial,” Victoria, 49, begins in the teaser while speaking to the camera. David interjects by saying from behind a wall, “Be honest.” He then adds, “Tell them what [the commercial is] during.” 

The former Spice Girl admits,  “OK, it’s a big commercial. It’s during the big baseball game.” 

“Super big baseball game,” the former soccer star, 48, says, before adding, “Oh, and tell them about Jessica Aniston. Thank you. We love Jessica.” Adding to the comical vibe, Victoria wears a white T-shirt throughout the teaser that reads, “My dad had a Rolls-Royce.” 

Obviously, the pair are poking fun at themselves to sound aloof, as the Super Bowl is not a “super big baseball game,” and Jennifer Aniston is the Friends actress’ real name instead of Jessica. It’s unclear if Jennifer actually will appear alongside the Beckhams in their full Super Bowl ad, but viewers will find out during the football game on February 11. 

David’s repetitive “be honest” comment and Victoria’s T-shirt from their teaser refers to the scene from Beckham when Victoria described her family’s background as “working-class,” until the former athlete told her to “be honest” about herself. 

“We both come from families that work very hard. We’re very working-class,” the iconic fashion designer said at one point in the doc before her husband peaked his head around a wall — just like how he does in their new commercial — to ask her what kind of car her father owned. “It depends,” Victoria replied as David interrupted and said, “No, no, no,” which prompted his wife to confess, “OK, in the ‘80s, my dad had a Rolls-Royce.” David was satisfied with her truthful answer and said, “Thank you,” before leaving the room. 

The clip went viral on social media, and many applauded David for calling out his wife’s small bluff. Online users continue to reference his “be honest” comment three months after Netflix dropped the doc in October 2023. 

Despite how her spouse challenged her on camera, Victoria recently told Us Weekly that filming the docuseries was “quite liberating.” 

“People come up and they’re like, ‘We love the documentary,’” she told the outlet earlier this month. “I was very mindful that usually, when I did my filming, I would be controlling. But this was very much about David, and so I took the approach of, ‘I’m just going to be very easy‑going here.’” 

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