‘Below Deck’ Star Ben Willoughby Reveals Where He Stands With Ex Camille Lamb After Their Breakup (Exclusive)

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Ben Willoughby has experienced some choppy waters in his life recently, but he’s facing the challenges on the high seas head-on in Below Deck season 11. The alum is back as the lead deckhand on the St. David. Ahead of the new season, Ben spoke exclusively with Hollywood Life about his complicated breakup with Camille Lamb, getting involved in the drama, and embracing all the changes on board.

“Look, we do not talk,” Ben said about his status with Camille. “That’s probably the bottom line. It was very ugly, the breakup. It probably lasted about a good 4 weeks. After the show wrapped last season, I flew back to Florida. Long story short, I flew back to Florida from Australia because she really wanted to be with me, got there, and found out that she wasn’t sort of faithful towards me. And then I was stuck in America by myself with no support. That was definitely a massive learning curve for me, and I think a lot of people have been there. I wouldn’t say I’m the first one who’s done that, I suppose, for love or a relationship. But it just so happens to be that it was recorded on TV.”

Ben admitted that he was “so excited” to be asked back for Below Deck season 11. “I pretty much jumped at the opportunity,” he noted. However, Ben had a different mentality coming into this season.

Ben Willoughby with the new captain in season 11. (Bravo)

“I just wanted to do things for myself this season,” Ben told Hollywood Life. “I was so involved with the girls and whatnot last season, and it kind of took my attention away from just being me. I was this loved-up, sort of romantic dude last year. This season, I’m finished with that. I just want a boat fling. And that’s it. But you can’t kind of say that to someone because they’re never going to receive it that well.”

Despite wanting to avoid drama this season, Ben will inevitably find his way back into the storm. In the trailer, Fraser Olender has to tell Ben not to get involved in the interior drama.

“I can’t help myself,” Ben admitted. “It’s sort of who I am. I’m very charismatic. I’m very interested in other people, and when there’s a pretty face on board, I just can’t help myself but get involved. I’m a guy and that’s what guys do. There are definitely a few faces on there that take my attention and interest, but also on the deck side of things, too. I’ve never sort of been involved with a relationship that’s in the same department, so maybe we get to see a little bit of that this season. Okay. Maybe a little bit of a Ross [McHarg] and Katie [Glaser] sort of situation.”

Kerry Titheradge will be leading the way as the captain of the St. David in Below Deck season 11. Ben revealed that having a new captain was a learning curve for him.

“I mean, talking about having to adjust my sails, excuse the pun, all the time,” Ben said. “I think I’ve had more experience on this boat than all three of the captains together, so the wind was in my favor with that, per se. It was kind of bittersweet because I had, like I said, developed such a good relationship with both Sandy [Yawn] and Lee [Rosbach]. And then coming back and seeing Kerry there, it was amazing that it was a familiar accent because I’d understand and be able to translate to the rest of the crew. I’d kind of spoken to Kerry a little bit before, so I kind of knew of him, but I’d really never met him. I didn’t really know his style. So it was just a whole new ballgame. Again, it was kind of like, I’d finally gotten a bit of a rhythm on the St. David, and then I had to change it again.”

Ben Willoughby and Fraser Olender in season 11. (Bravo)

Ben also had to deal with new crewmates, which was “definitely challenging” for him. “That’s probably the best way to put it. Because the new crewmates, there’s going to be someone green in there. There might be might be two, if you’re really lucky. So then the safety side of things just really becomes a concern and a priority, especially with a new captain. Kerry doesn’t know any of the crew except Fraser, and he’s got to get through 6 weeks of charter. It’s kind of what nightmares are made of, to be honest, so you’ve got to give him the benefit of the doubt there and you can’t question why they come in with different levels of expecting different things, which is understandable.” Below Deck season 11 will air Mondays on Bravo.

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