Alex Morgan Shares Plans To ‘Continue Fight’ For Gender Equality Ahead Of The World Cup (Exclusive)

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Nearly a month out from the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in New Zealand, Alex Morgan is ready to lead the US Women’s National Team to victory once again — on and off the soccer field. The soccer star and her teammates were instrumental in the fight against the US Soccer Federation for equal pay among male and female US soccer players. “I’m so proud to say that we have true equality within US soccer. And, not only do we have the same contracts as the men and the same working conditions, but also the same prize money that’s both put into a pot together and dispersed equally between the men and the women for both of our World Cups,” Alex gushed in an EXCLUSIVE interview with “All three of those buckets have been equalized on an international level.”

Alex Morgan and her daughter Charlie. (Orgain)

In February 2022, the US Women’s National Team and US Soccer Federation settled their $24 million lawsuit. In the settlement, the players received a lump sum payment of $22 million, and an additional $2 million went into an account to benefit the USWNT players in their post-career goals and charitable efforts related to women’s and girls’ soccer. Still, Alex explained, the fight is far from over.

“We’re obviously continuing to fight on a domestic level in terms of the NWSL (National Women’s Soccer League), increasing salaries, we have expansion teams coming, so the NWSL is continuing to progress and have more eyes, more revenue come in. So, for that to be shared with players is incredibly important and we’ll continue to vocalize that,” the Olympic gold medalist shared. “Still, I’m really proud of where we’ve gotten and I’ll continue to fight for gender equality in the sports space and beyond.”

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Alex, who currently plays on the San Diego Wave FC, has been hard at work preparing to be on her A-game at the 2023 World Cup, which will commence in New Zealand on July 20th. “I think going into this World Cup, I’m probably the most balanced, I would say, than I have ever been in my life,” she admitted to HL. “As much as I am preparing for a World Cup and doing everything that I possibly can in order to be at my best, I’m not getting overly anxious. I’m not feeling like I’m running myself into the ground. I’m kind of taking it one day at a time and enjoying my time at home before I’m gone for hopefully two months.”

The two-time World Cup champ has stated that the 2023 USWNT is the best it has ever been — despite multiple injuries over the last several months. “Obviously it’s devastating to lose key pieces of your team, especially someone like Mal Swanson leading into a World Cup, but I truly do feel like this team is the best that it’s ever been,” she repeated. “I’m really opportunistic and excited for this World Cup and I feel like we have all the right pieces falling in place. All the players individually are playing extremely well in the NWSL right now. So, it’s all about us doing our parts individually and then collectively coming together and hopefully peaking at the right time.”

Alex Morgan is preparing for the World Cup with Orgain. (Courtesy of Orgain)

Another way Alex is getting World Cup ready is through her partnership with Orgain, the #1 plant protein powder brand in the US. The product is helping the soccer star fuel up through her prep and then journey to New Zealand for the big games! “Going into a major tournament like I am now, to be able to have Orgain support me and to have us align with the same values, knowing that it’s a family brand, and that I not only can be myself as a professional athlete, but as a mom, as a wife, and as someone who likes to promote a healthy lifestyle, it’s such a great brand to partner with and show support leading into this tournament,” she gushed.

To inspire and fuel people to harness their own #EnergyFTW, Orgain is awarding tickets for people to see Alex Morgan and her teammates perform in New Zealand. One lucky person who visits, shares a video or photo showing how they put their best foot forward to conquer the day, and tags #EnergyFTW and @DrinkOrgain will be rewarded with this once in a lifetime experience.

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