‘AGT’ Semi-Finals Live Blog: Alan Silva & More Fan Faves Compete For Their Spot In The Finals

The ‘AGT’ quarterfinals are over, and now it’s time for the season 15 semi-finals to begin. During the Sept. 8 episode, 11 acts will hit the stage for another performance, including wildcard act Thomas Day.

The America’s Got Talent season 15 finale is just a few weeks away. The competition has been narrowed down and the first 11 acts are performing during the Sept. 8 episode. AGT is welcoming back two wildcard acts as well. They’ll be taking the stage alongside Alan Silva, Archie Williams, Bello Sisters, Brandon Leake, Broken Roots, Double Dragon, Malik DOPE, Roberta Battaglia, Shaquira McGrath, and Spyros Bro.

Double Dragon is the first act to perform in the semi-finals. The sisters bring the energy with a fun and sassy routine that includes taking on Lizzo’s “Juice” and more. Sofia Vergara loves that they have such a “good time” every time they perform. She raves that she is “obsessed” with them! Heidi Klum tells the twins that they have the “confidence of real divas” and compares them the Jennifer Lopez and Shakira at the Super Bowl! Howie Mandel says right up front that he enjoyed the performance but says the sisters are “not the best singers” or the “best dancers.” However, they have a lot of personality.

Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Sofia Vergara on ‘AGT.’ (NBC)

The first wildcard act that the judges have brought back is Dance Town Family. Sofia says it was “definitely the right decision” to bring this act back after their incredible performance. Howie tells the group that their performance was a “step up,” and there was “something for everyone” in their latest routine.

Broken Roots brings the fire with their amazing rendition of Blake Shelton’s “God’s Country.” They give off a mix of country and rock n’ roll vibes in their semi-finals performance. Howie is certain that this duo is headed to the finals. Sofia raves that this was their “best performance” yet. Heidi thinks they’re getting better every single time they perform.

The Spyros Bros perform in front of the Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios. After one of the brothers is blindfolded, they actually mess up. But they don’t let it ruin the rest of their routine. Sofia admires that they really took things to the next level but says it may have been “too risky.”

The second wildcard act of the night is Thomas Day. Thomas was last seen on the show during the season 15 auditions. He was supposed to be in the quarterfinals but mysteriously withdrew from the competition. Turns out, Thomas and his mother tested positive for COVID-19. The judges have now brought him back as a wildcard after he recovered. He sings a gorgeous rendition of Billie Eilish’s “when the party’s over,” which earns him a standing ovation from the judges. Howie tells Thomas that he “shined” tonight. Sofia thinks the girls are going to go crazy for him!

Alan Silva has swapped silks for chains in the semi-finals. He raises the bar even more by just hanging onto the chains with one foot and lighting the top of his chains on fire. Sofia says this was her “favorite” Alan performance yet, and Heidi agrees with her. As for Howie, he feels that there was “more danger” in Alan’s last act with the death drop and spikes. Keep refreshing for updates!

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