How Liam Hemsworth’s Girlfriend Gabriella Brooks Feels About Him and Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is single again for the first time since 2015, she said this week. The singer opened up about going through her divorce on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast released yesterday. Us Weekly, that same day, got detail on how her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth’s relationship with 24-year-old model Gabriella Brooks is going. It’s great! And Brooks isn’t worried at all about Hemsworth and Cyrus possibly reconciling.

“They’re both secure in their relationship and Gabriella isn’t worried that Liam has any lingering feelings for Miley and isn’t intimidated by their relationship,” Us’s source said. “Liam and Gabriella are really close and feel comfortable with one another. They connect over important topics and share the same values about family and life.”

The two are doing well and are happy quarantining in Australia. “Liam and Gabriella are going strong and have been quarantining together and enjoying their time in Byron Bay,” the outlet’s source said. “Liam has some movie projects coming up and is happy to be living in Australia and being able to spend his downtime with Gabriella.”

For what it’s worth, Cyrus more or less made it clear that her chapter with Hemsworth is done. In her interview with Rogan, she said, “I think men in my life have told me that I’m cold or I’m a cold fucking bitch because I leave when things are done. I was actually going to say, I’m freaky into a lot of freaky things, but I don’t fuck dead guys, when it’s over, it’s over and you’re dead to me and we move on. So that’s how I feel about it.”

She added that: “When it’s over, it’s over. What’s painful isn’t the relationship, it’s then when it’s done, you holding on for that extra however long you try to make it work, something that’s not working, that’s what I did in the video [for ‘Midnight Sky’], and that’s what I hated when I was a kid, you know, from directors not knowing what they want and then getting frustrated with the child for not performing properly. It’s like, ‘But you’re not communicating, and I’m a child, and you’re an adult’…and that was always really frustrating to me.”

“And I think [because of that] now a non-negotiable in my relationship or dating, you better know what you want because I’m just not interested in taking another 10 years like did with my first love figuring that out.”


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