Why is spatula the latest must-have for applying foundation?

Why is spatula the latest must-have for applying foundation?

The spatula has become a must-have beauty accessory on TikTok, handy for applying foundation. In fact, some users have ditched their traditional brushes and sponges in favour of this tool. Straight from Korea, the tip already has over 300 million views on the social network.

In order to achieve a flawless complexion (which definitely seems to be the holy grail in beauty), several TikTok users have recently set their sights on metal spatulas that could soon oust brushes or beauty blenders.

A K-beauty inspiration

These cosmetic or beauty spatulas — also known as a makeup or foundation spatulas — are smaller and are said to be more suitable for applying the products that form a daily beauty routine.

Straight out of Korea, this tool is not only a hit with users of the GenZ’s favourite social network, but also with many makeup experts, including the content creator and influencer @glowwithava, who has more than 1.7 million followers.

On TikTok, the #spatula hashtag already has over 300 million views, although some are about the actual kitchen utensil, while the hashtag #koreanspatula (this time leaving little doubt) already has almost nine million views, reflecting a craze for this beauty technique.

On the social network, it’s first and foremost the result obtained with the spatula that is a hit, the tool facilitating the application of foundation while offering a smooth, radiant complexion, without any visible imperfections, and a glassy, almost transparent appearance- a trend inspired by Korean skincare routines.

But that’s not the only merit touted by TikTokers, who also see this as a way of embracing a more minimalist makeup routine. In fact, the spatula allows you to apply a smaller amount of foundation without worrying about the excess being absorbed by a sponge or the bristles of a brush. This saving is not without interest for followers of the trend.

Bye-bye bacteria!

But it’s the question of hygiene that could definitively propel the spatula to the top of the list of must-have beauty tools. Unlike sponges and brushes — or even hands — which can be veritable breeding grounds for bacteria without regular, thorough cleaning, spatulas are more often than not made of stainless steel, a material renowned for its ease of maintenance and hygienic properties. A benefit that extends far beyond the application of foundation and also concerns skin care.


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