Symrise: A multifunctional ingredient for protecting cosmetic formulations

Symrise: A multifunctional ingredient for protecting cosmetic formulations

Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients has added a new multifunctional hydroxypropolyester to its portfolio of beauty ingredients. Savelite HB is a clear, colorless, odorless and cold-processable liquid that acts against microorganisms and oxidation, building on two well-established molecules: propanediol and benzoic acid.

Furthermore, Savelite HB acts as an efficient moisturizer. Indeed, in vivo corneometer testing show an increase of 10.9% after two weeks. According to Symrise, Savelite HB fully respects the skin microbiome. In addition, it can help stabilize emulsions by reducing oil droplet size.

Readily biodegradable, Savelite HB is produced via a sustainable manufacturing process aligned with the principles of green chemistry.

More information about new active ingredients is available in our special issue “Cosmetic Ingredients – April 2024”


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