SERAM acquires Qiova, a specialist of innovative laser marking technologies

SERAM acquires Qiova, a specialist of innovative laser marking technologies

The subsidiary of the Neyret Group, a global leader of ornamental ribbons, is acquiring Qiova, a pioneer in the development of high-speed industrial laser solutions for the precise processing of materials.

Thanks to Qiova’s patented programmable multi-beam laser technology, SERAM – a company specialising in accessories and ornamentation for the luxury goods industry – will be able produce an infinite variety of functional and aesthetic markings within extremely short times, on a whole host of materials, including glass, metal (aluminium, zamak, brass, copper, etc.), ceramic, plastic polymers, textile, wood, cardboard, etc.

“Exceptional renderings”

Using specific interaction between light and material, femtosecond lasers deliver exceptional renderings, either on the product itself or on an added decoration (metal plate, leather decoration, etc.), with full control of precision and reproducibility.

QR codes, whether integrated into the decor or infinitely small, can now be personalised at very high speed, so that individual packs can be identified without disrupting the user experience. Digital content is incorporated into the product in an open-ended and retroactive way to connect with users,” said SERAM in a statement.

Thanks to its two subsidiaries – SERAM for the laser part and Sansara, which focuses on software environment for tracking individual products, Neyret Group now boasts a comprehensive package (laser + software) and can therefore provide customers with turnkey marking solutions.

From the design stage through to the digital solution and support, these new end-to-end decoration and tracing solutions take into account all the customer’s industrial requirements throughout the project,” added SERAM.

The Neyret Group is betting on this SERAM-Qiova merger to meet: new consumer expectations, including CSR, environment, transparency, story telling; new brand aesthetics needs (revamping, co-branding / sensory); new uses for products (NFT, phygital, second life), as well as new requirements from the market and regulators (anti-counterfeiting, Digital Product Passport, etc.).


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