New test results: Lubrizol’s Stevisse provides retinoid-like benefits

New test results: Lubrizol's Stevisse provides retinoid-like benefits

Lubrizol Life Science Beauty (LLS Beauty) has revealed new Stevisse advanced botanical ingredient test results that support its ability to improve the antioxidant response, even out skin tone and minimize inflammation like bakuchiol but in a gentler way comparable to retinoids. The new results complement the existing anti-wrinkle results (reduced wrinkle area by up to 87.3% and length by up to 85.3%) for a more even skin tone and a younger-looking appearance.

Recent in vitro tests showed higher antioxidant efficacy than stevia extracts obtained through traditional extraction technologies. The active ingredient was also shown to minimize skin inflammation by 57.8% compared to retinoic acid in a similar way to bakuchiol.

In vivo, Stevisse advanced botanical ingredient showed to improve the skin tone homogeneity and minimize dark spots after 28 days of treatment.

The organic stevia leaf-based extract, Stevisse advanced botanical ingredient, is obtained sustainably using Phenobio subcritical water technology, a process of extracting botanical biomass with far less environmental impact than conventional methods. The process eliminates hazardous chemical solvents, requires less energy and water and allows ingredients to be Eccocert-compliant and meet COSMOS environmental standards.

For the first time, Lubrizol is also using blockchain technology to track the ingredient journey from the cultivation of the raw material (stevia leaves) to the final product delivered to the customer (Stevisse advanced botanical ingredient). This ensures a fully transparent traceability process from field to bottle.


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