Lumson continues to expand its airless range with new designs

Lumson continues to expand its airless range with new designs

TAG – Techno Airless Glass – family is enriched with two new shapes but remains the authentic airless system.

Lumson’s noteworthy innovations are never the end of the story, they always bring something new and innovative.

One of these certainly is TAG – Techno Airless Glass, a true cornerstone in Lumson’s history: not only it was the first airless system in a glass bottle to be launched on the market by the Italian company, but, over 10 years later, it remains “The Original one” thanks to the technology that was used to make it and it still represents a key source of inspiration for new products and new designs.

TAG, has always been a synonym of AIRLESS TECHNOLOGY AND ELEGANCE EXPRESSED TO THE FULLEST, from the N19 version, which is the first and also the most classic of all Lumson’s airless packaging, to DeLuxe shape, remarkable for its thick base, and finally Unique with its elegant, gentle and rounded curves.

To complete range, two latest designs become part of the TAG family: EXCELSA and SUBLIMA. These new luxury bottles are designed for prestige skincare products and make-up.

TAG EXCELSA and SUBLIMA outstand for their exclusive outlines, as one bottle with softer and more rounded lines while the other is highlighted by the notable diameter and height. Both designs catch the eye for the thick bottom and can be paired with Lumson’s aluminum overshelled pumps as the fullest expression of elegance.

As for the entire TAG family even the two new shapes will be both available in 15 – 30 – 50ml, whereas the related samples starting from November 2023.

The “original” airless sytems with unimistakable details

All the Lumson’s TAG range is well-known for its top-quality airless technology that guarantees the maximum product protection, thanks to the single or multi-layered pouch studied to act as a barrier against external agents, for a complete SAFE BEAUTY.

These outstanding solutions perfectly combine the technical and functional advantages of an airless systems without overlooking the aesthetic. Lumson has specifically studied and developed for the entire airless range a special inner lacquering decoration technique that perfectly highlight the outlines of the bottle and the thickness of the bottom for the absolute glass preciousness.

Moreover the packaging can be totally customized playing with other decoration techniques for a remarkable result with unmistakable details.

Not only is the entire airless range extremely technological and functional, but TAG’s family is also sustainable. A journey started over 10 years ago with the first TAG version that even at that time it was already studied to respect the environment, and now more than ever that vision is perfectly aligned with the current one that sees sustainability as one of the main drivers when it comes to packaging’s choice. Lumson’s airless systems are designed to give the consumer a new approach both ethical and sustainable. After use, the consumer can easily separate the glass bottle from the plastic components and recycle each part appropriately.

One technical system, many faceting, the LUMSON TAG range is certainly unmistakable!


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