IL Cosmetics: from a single product to a global offering

IL Cosmetics: from a single product to a global offering

Once a regional nail polish expert, IL Cosmetics has grown as a key player in the makeup category. The group will close the year with continuously increasing turnover, reaching the EUR 130 million mark in 2023. Considering the success of the make-up categories, which have doubled their revenue over the past three years, IL Cosmetics has launched an investment plan to support growth and international expansion.

Over 12 million euros have been invested

In 2023-2024, over 12 million euros have been invested in expanding production and filling capacities across all their product categories.

For makeup, a second bulk production plant is under construction and will be ready by summer 2024, effectively doubling production capacity in that segment.

As for the nail category, investments are primarily focused on the new semi-permanent technology.

Regarding the turnkey offering, the company has implemented a plan to increase makeup filling capacities with a strong focus on process automation. The goal is to increase capacity by 30-40 million units between 2023-2024.

International growth

The company’s continued globalization will be achieved through both organic and external growth in two main directions:

Product offering expansion

This will be achieved through organic growth, including the introduction of semi-permanent products to cover the entire nail category as well as expansion in the make-up category with the arrival of complexion at IL Cosmetics. Additionally, external growth will accelerate the development of new product categories.

Geographical expansion

Starting with a commercial and industrial presence in North America. In this regard, IL Cosmetics has appointed Christine Rezagholi to lead business development in the USA. The second step in the group’s geographical expansion will be Italy.

Ultimately, the goal is to offer a complete range of makeup products to satisfy brands seeking a trusted partner capable of supporting them in all their developments.


Christine Rezagholi, Sr. VP Business Development USA, IL Cosmetics

IL Cosmetics: from a single product to a global offering


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