Flip-Lid-Box: Rissmann’s magnet-free solution for a premium unboxing experience

Flip-Lid-Box: Rissmann's magnet-free solution for a premium unboxing experience

Made of FSC paper and cardboard, the magnet-free Flip-Lid-Box was designed by the Rissmann’s DesignLab to offer a memorable unboxing experience. The opening the lid (that is connected to the base) releases the front panel of the box, revealing the product, also highlighted by the decorated interior setup, including a removable wedge.

The contrasting patterns on the cover are obtained by a laser engraving process. Their colour depends on the selected paper. The inner decoration is printed without mineral oil using a water-based varnish.

Rissmann highlights that the Flip-Lid-Box can be produced both in Europe and in Asia. “The quality of its manufacturing makes it a box to keep for a long time. It can then be recycled,” the company adds.


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