Facial sheet masks, and patches: FSKorea’s offer strong asset

Facial sheet masks, and patches: FSKorea's offer strong asset

Well known for its cosmetic brushes and applicators, as well as its packaging solutions, the company created in 1988 by J.K. Hwang, its current CEO, is also a recognized specialist in the development and manufacturing of facial masks and skincare patches. This year, production will exceed 100 million units. FSKorea’s offering includes non-woven bio cellulose supports as well as cotton and hydrogel masks.

What are the benefits of a facial sheet mask?

J.K. Hwang – A facial sheet mask is a skin care treatment that provides the skin with all the elements and active ingredients it needs to maintain its balance. Before using a facial mask, it’s important to know your skin type to identify your needs and choose the one that’s best suited to you.

This means that each skin type requires its own special care?

J.K. Hwang – If your skin is prone to imperfections, it’s best to use a purifying mask that focuses on deep cleansing. This mask will absorb the excess sebum, leaving you with clearer skin with purified, tighter pores. Hydrating and soothing masks are ideal for reinforcing the hydrolipidic film that protects the skin and obtaining a radiant, plump complexion. All skin types need this kind of treatment.

A mask is also much richer and thicker than a day cream, making it possible to target certain skin conditions immediately.

How is your offering of facial masks organised?

J.K. Hwang – Our range is very broad. It ranges from non-woven to cotton, which has a soft, uniform surface, to rayon, where different natural substances are used for the fibre. It looks translucent when pre-moistened. The texture is soft and adheres easily to the skin.

By 2030, all plastic packaging in the European Union will have to be recyclable or reusable. As a result, our mask sachets are made from a single material (polypropylene) and recyclable.

Beyond facial masks, you also propose patches?

J.K. Hwang – Patches are a very effective technique for treating wrinkles, for example.

The main cause of skin ageing is the decline and shrinkage of muscle and elastic fibres in the dermis. The dermis consists of dense collagen and hyaluronic acid. In ageing skin the connection between collagen and hyaluronic acid is less effective. And, wrinkles form as the skin’s elasticity diminishes.

Ultra-thin and very comfortable, hydrogel patches provide a moisturising and revitalising effect. They are thin and ergonomic for optimal comfort and do not lint.


Facial sheet masks, and patches: FSKorea's offer strong asset (Photo: FSKorea)

Facial sheet masks, and patches: FSKorea's offer strong asset (Photo: FSKorea)


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