What was once a hush-hush procedure has a fresh new look. Here’s why and what you need to know.

Jessica Matlin

Nov 29, 2021

Vincent BesnaultGetty Images

When Marc Jacobs underwent a face-lift this summer, he took a selfie the very next day—gauze head wrap, plastic drains coming out from either side—and posted it to Instagram with the caption “#f*ckgravity.” The fashion world did a collective double take: someone of Jacobs’s stature actually being honest that self-care could go beyond yogic breathing and a gratitude journal? But also, Marc Jacobs got a face-lift? Unlike Botox or plumping fillers, face-lifts just haven’t received the same widespread acceptance in recent years, which is why many people’s perception of the procedure is frozen in time. One of the last major celebs to be so open about having a face-lift was Joan Rivers. (“I fart through my ears,” she said back in 2013.) The reality is that results lately have gotten better and more natural, says Andrew Jacono of the New York Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, Jacobs’s surgeon and a medi-celebrity in his own right thanks to his pioneering techniques. “Marc made people realize that you can have a face-lift and still emerge looking like yourself.”

A New Approach

Source: www.harpersbazaar.com

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