Chanel chooses an aluminium decoration for the new Chance bottles

Chanel chooses an aluminium decoration for the new Chance bottles

Chanel continues to move forward with more environmental-friendly product ranges. Thus, the brand’s Chance eau de toilette range will now boast an anodised aluminium strip instead of the galvanised polished brass that was used until now. To rise to the challenge of this change in material, the luxury fragrance brand has called on the expertise of g.pivaudran, a French-based manufacturer specializing in the development of aluminium parts for the perfume, cosmetics and spirits markets.

Chanel has taken on a strong objective for all of its product lines in opting to decrease their environmental footprint. Thus, for the decoration of the new Chance bottles, the brand has chosen to replace the galvanised varnished brass band surrounding the bottle with anodized aluminium. In addition to its lightness, aluminium has the advantage of being one of the most recycled metals to date. The change in material also allows to avoid the use of chemicals that are necessary for galvanizing.

These new metal strips are made in the south west of France by g.pivaudran and assembled by glassmakers partnering with the brand, in both France and Italy.This change, which is admittedly unnoticeable by consumers, nevertheless represents a strong symbolic gesture by Chanel in its eco-responsible transformation, stripped of any ostentatiousness as well as being both effective and practical,” said g.pivaudran in a statement.

A considerable challenge for g.pivaudran

The manufacture of strips around the Chance bottles was a considerable challenge for teams of employees at g.pivaudran. They had to use their entire range of expertise to shape a fine aluminium strip (0.6mm), highly delicate in its manipulation, which sat perfectly around the cylindrical curvature of the bottle which retaining the shiny aspect of the material. A complex range requiring the total flexibility of strips, combined with the precision of automated assembly.

Chanel is launching the sale of these new bottles with the 100 ml version. All other formats will be decorated with an anodized aluminium strip for 2024.

g.pivaudran has now taken over the production of the new strips for the all formats (35 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml and 150 ml) of fragrances.

Aluminium and eco-design

According to g.pivaudran, this achievement for Chanel illustrates the many possibilities offered by aluminium, both in terms of design and eco-responsibility. The company provides premium and luxury brands with “100% aluminium” packaging solutions that can also be made from recycled aluminium.

Our expertise allows us to shape aluminium in a host of manners, to assembly a range of materials and resolve the current requirements of our clients. Aluminium, by its very nature, is eco-responsible, can be endlessly recycled, is lightweight and suitable for multiple uses, and forms our response to the desire for added value by luxury brands”, said Marc Pivaudran, CEO of g.pivaudran.

During the Édition Spéciale by Luxe Pack trade show, which will be held on 7-8 June 2023, in Paris, g.pivaudran will present a wide range of products made with its clients as well as tests and prototypes showcasing aluminium.


Marc Pivaudran, CEO of g.pivaudran (Photo: Nelly Blaya / CD Lot)

Chanel chooses an aluminium decoration for the new Chance bottles (Photo : Courtesy of Chanel)


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