Travis Scott’s New McDonald’s Meal Drops With Viral Ad & It Inspires Hilarious Memes

Travis Scott’s three-item meal at McDonald’s dropped on Sept. 8, and it was met with memes even funnier than Ronald McDonald! Videos of the rapper’s visit to a McDonald’s in California also went viral.

The Travis Scott Meal at McDonald’s is here — along with a batch of hilarious memes. On Sept. 8, McDonald’s launched a special meal combining three of Cactus Jack’s favorite items from the fast food chain — a Quarter Pounder® loaded with bacon and lettuce, French fries with BBQ sauce dip, and Sprite — for a total of $6. The special combo arrived with a commercial featuring the action figure version of La Flame, and it may just be the most hype McDonald’s commercial we’ve ever seen.

Of course, such a grand announcement led to a number of Twitter reactions. One person tweeted a photo of a disgruntled-looking SpongeBob SquarePants rocking a McDonald’s visor and headset, and wrote, “Mcdonalds employees when kids pull up ordering the travis scott burger with sicko mode blasting.”

Others jokingly treated the Travis Scott Meal like rare, limited-edition items and pitched resale prices. “Selling Travis Scott meal for $1200 OBO,” one such fan teased over a photo of his burger, fries and drink. Another fan referenced the fact that McDonald’s ice cream machines seem permanently broken, writing, “what if you asked for the Travis Scott burger and the McDonald’s said sorry sickomode machine broke.”

McDonald’s even joined in on the Twitter fun by posting, “say Cactus Jack sent you.” One person took this request a little too seriously, and was greeted by a confused employee after saying “Cactus Jack sent me” at a McDonald’s drive-through. Given Travis’s “Cactus Jack” nickname, other fans thought Kylie Jenner’s ex missed out on an incredible marketing opportunity by instead partnering with McDonald’s rival, Jack in the Box. “Travis should’ve done a burger deal w jack in the box and called it the cactus jack,” one such fan wrote.

As an added surprise, Travis dropped by a McDonald’s restaurant in Downey, California where he was greeted by a crowd of excited fans. Clips of the visit are also going viral on Twitter! The Travis Scott Meal will be available between Sept.8-Oct. 4, and you may even catch McDonald’s crew workers repping custom apparel designed by the rapper throughout the promotion.

The promotion is a big deal for McDonald’s, which last featured a celebrity name on the menu nearly three decades ago! In 1992, McDonald’s sold Michael Jordan’s “McJordan” Quarter Pounder for a limited time. We’ve been seeing Travis’s name everywhere as of late; his song, The Plan, is also featured on the soundtrack for Christopher Nolan’s new movie Tenet, which premiered on Sept. 3.


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