Leah Messer Teases ‘Raw’ New Season Of ‘Teen Mom 2’: It’s The Most ‘Honest’ I’ve Ever Been

Leah Messer dropped EXCLUSIVE hints about her storyline in the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ which premieres on Sept. 1! She also told HollywoodLife what has been an ’emotional roller coaster’ for her.

Leah Messer, 28, has been starring on Teen Mom 2 since 2011, but this upcoming season will be different from the rest. The mother of three explained how we’ll be seeing her truest self in Season 10, which premieres on Tuesday night, Sept. 1, in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife! “Well, I just released my book, and I feel like people will actually get to see who I am to the core,” Leah told us, referring to her memoir Hope, Grace & Faith that dropped a number of confessions — such as Leah having an abortion, and not a miscarriage — when it arrived in May of 2020.

Leah Messer is seen crying in the trailer for the new season of Teen Mom 2, which you can watch below. (MTV)

“It’s the most raw and honest story that I’ve probably ever told. So I’m so excited for people to finally see that growth,” Leah continued. Leah’s memoir also offers a deeper insight into her past suicidal thoughts and addiction to prescription pain pills, and the author told us why she’s finally comfortable with opening up about her addiction. “I didn’t feel like before I had completely overcome the hurdle of addiction, mentally,” Leah admitted to HollywoodLife. “As you know, it ties into mental health.

“And, as you may know, the road to recovery was difficult for me,” the MTV star continued. “And before, I didn’t feel like I was ready to really speak out about that. It was the hardest moment of my life, and I felt so ashamed about having to deal with the struggle of addiction and the stigma around it. And now I’m just like, I don’t care. I can say it because it is my story.”

The Season 10 trailer not only hints at Leah’s personal struggles, but her new worries as a mother of a child with muscular dystrophy. The teaser showed Leah crying as she said her daughter Aliannah, 10, couldn’t “fall” because of Aliannah’s condition that makes muscles weaker over time. “Having a young child with muscular dystrophy is an emotional roller coaster,” Leah told us.

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Leah Messer’s daughters Aliannah, Adalynn, and Aleeah.

“Sometimes you don’t know what to expect,” Leah continued. “And [Aliannah’s] also becoming a preteen, and she has a lot of questions about it. Like, ‘Why do I have to deal with muscular dystrophy and how do I deal with it?’ She improvises everything. She sees her sisters [Aleeah, 10, Adalynn, 7] reach milestones that she really wants to reach, it’s like riding a bike and running.”
“I think we’re making the best of it,” Leah added. “But it is an emotional roller coaster sometimes.” The trailer hints that the overall season will be an emotional roller coaster, evidenced by a tearful moment that Leah has in the preview (which you can watch above). However, there’s nothing that this longtime MTV star can’t overcome — as proof, Leah even took a break from the drama to enjoy a tropical vacation with her three daughters in June!

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