Klaas Verplancke’s “Chilling”

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No matter where we live, we all have to find ways to cope with increasing disruptions in weather patterns, including intense heat waves. For the cover of the July 1, 2024, issue, the cartoonist Klaas Verplancke depicts an inventive repurposing of an old-fashioned appliance. “It might be a stretch to use a fridge to shelve pages of cherished words and images,” Verplancke said. “But at the very least it can offer a blast of relief during hot, sleepless nights.”

For more covers about summer in the city, see below:

“July 8, 1939,” by Richard Taylor

“Hot Town,” by Richard McGuire

“Sun-Dappled” by Nicole Rifkin

Find Klaas Verplancke’s covers, cartoons, and more at the Condé Nast Store.

Sourse: newyorker.com

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