Gigi Hadid Shares Precious First Pics Of Daughter With Zayn: She’s My ‘Bestie’

Gigi Hadid is giving fans a first look at her baby daughter nearly two months after giving birth. She has a precious head of hair, as the model cradled her cutie against her chest and called her the ‘best.’

Gigi Hadid is turning into such a proud mom that she’s finally letting fans see how adorable her little girl is. With hours before the infant turning two-months old on Nov. 23, the model shared a series of Instagram photos that included one of the back of the baby’s head. Her little one has a full head of sandy brown hair, which should be no surprise considering how follically blessed Gigi, 25, and the baby’s father Zayn Malik, 27, are, as both have such gorgeous locks.

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The baby’s face was turned in towards Gigi’s chest, so all that was visible was the back of her head and a cute little ear. She had on a sweet little white hoodie with a pink lining and what appeared to be little lamb ears on top. Gigi held her daughter close to her chest in a leopard print baby carrier.

Gigi looked super casual in a long grey cardigan sweater that was belted at her waist. Underneath she wore turquoise blue sweatpants and a matching crew neck sweatshirt. Despite the 2020 presidential election taking place almost three weeks ago, she wore a black beanie with the word “Vote” across the front in white lettering. Gigi shared a second photo taken from the side and in black and white, where she was seen kissing her infant’s forehead.

Future parents Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik when they made their red carpet debut as a couple at the Met Gala on Monday, May 2, 2016 in NYC. Photo credit: AP Images.

Gigi and Zayn have yet to share the name of their daughter, but by posting her first full photo to Instagram, maybe the catwalk queen will be getting closer to disclosing her moniker with fans. In addition to the photos of her baby, Gigi showed off several rooms filled with Christmas decorations. It appears she might be at her family’s farm in Pennsylvania, as the photos of Gigi and her baby were taken in a wide green field with a forest in the background, and the snaps of her Christmas decor didn’t appear to match her glam and stylishly decorated New York City apartment.

Gigi explained why she put up her Christmas decorations prior to Thanksgiving, and it was all because her daughter is the “best” and she wanted her little girl to have as much of a holiday season as possible. “A whole new kind of busy & tired but she’s da bestie so she got Christmas decorations early,” Gigi wrote in the caption. Other photos in Gigi’s post showed off two different decorated Christmas trees, stockings hung above a fireplace, several Santa dolls on a table and a “Merry Christmas” pillow on one of her chairs.


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