Over 6,000 People Swear By This Long, Super Soft $25 Cardigan & It’s Perfect For Fall

Did you miss out on outwear deals during Cyber Monday or Black Friday? Not to fret, because we’ve found the best long cardigan for winter that’s still under $30.

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It’s cardigan season, and not just because people are playing that one Taylor Swift song. The weather is actually dipping in temperature from coast to coast: so much so, you need outerwear for indoors, too. So, we found the best long cardigan for those chilly evenings spent inside snuggled on your couch, watching Netflix’s new The Princess Switch, or whatever’s your preferred holiday movie. Enter the $25 high-low hem maxi long sleeve cardigan from Amazon!

Get the best long cardigan with a high-low hem here for $25.

This isn’t your average article of clothing on Amazon’s vast marketplace. Nearly seven thousand people felt compelled to leave reviews about how amazing this cardigan looks and feels. Seventy percent of these reviews were five-star ratings which, let’s be real: is very generous for Amazon. As an extra-reassuring sign, Amazon pointed out that “lightweight,” “absolutely love,” “true to size,” “many compliments” and “fits perfectly” were some of the top phrases commonly used throughout the reviews. Many customers also uploaded photos of themselves modeling their cardigans, so make sure to click through those, too.

Now that you know customers loved this cardigan, we want to get into why you probably will, too. First off, this cardigan is seriously soft. It’s made of 95 percent viscose (also known as rayon), a type of fabric that’s often used for flowy clothes (like cardigans) and as a substitute of silk. Five percent of the cardigan is spandex, giving it just the right amount of stretchiness. We don’t want to feel trapped in our cardigans.

The cardigan’s fabric is breathable, too. So, while you may wear this to get extra cozy in the living room, you won’t start outpouring buckets of sweat if you want to layer on a fuzzy blanket or thick comforter.

This cardigan is not only comfortable because it’s soft, but because it should come in the perfect size, too. There’s a wide range of sizes, which are spaced out in intervals: 4-6, 8-10, 12-14, 14-16, 16-18, 20-22, and 24-26. There’s just as much of variety in the cardigan’s colors and prints, too: classic black, sheer black, tie-dye, snake print, brown, beige, dark gray, green, mustard, navy blue, olive, pink, purple, red, royal blue, white, wine red, camo print and three different types of leopard print.

The cut of this cardigan is unique, too. The hem is high in the front and low in the back, giving it a slightly more elevated look than the usual cardigan you’d wear on laundry or errand day (of course, you can wear this cardigan for those occasions, too). However, the cardigan will pair just as chicly with a more dressed-up ensemble like skinny jeans, a blouse and kitten heels, a velvet holiday dress with booties, or even your workout outfit. It’s also perfect for a professional setting: think of it as a much more comfortable alternative to a stuffy blazer as you’re sitting down in your bedroom for a Zoom meeting. And, for our pregnant readers, this is the perfect maternity piece due to the cardigan’s easy-breezy material.

Reviewers had all kinds of things to say about this long sleeve cardigan. “I am a cardigan lover. One of my favorite bloggers recommended this one so I had to try it,” one person wrote, revealing that the cardigan “fits great” and added a photo of herself smiling brightly in her green cardigan by the Christmas tree. Another reviewer was so impressed by the cardigan, she bought two more — and some reviewers revealed that they purchased even more. One of our favorite reviews read, “So I love this duster. I bought to add some layering to an old maxi dress. It feels and looks like a soft t-shirt. When you walk it floats behind like a Cape. Dress it up or down you won’t regret the purchase. Word of caution – make sure to gather it up on bathroom breaks and in the car.” Many reviewers also added their heights, which proved that the cardigan is just restricted to tall or short people.

Getting wrinkles out should be just as no-hassle as the cardigan itself, too. The cardigan’s Amazon description advises you to wash and hang the cardigan over a dehumidifier, or throw it into the dryer on a low speed for just a few minutes. You don’t want a wrinkly cardigan throughout the holiday season.

Cardigans are also having a renaissance in the fashion world, so it’s the perfect time to snatch one up on a good deal. Really, we have Taylor to thank. The pop star sang “And when I felt like I was an old cardigan / Under someone’s bed / You put me on and said I was your favorite” in her new track that dropped in July, and people are still obsessed with the feminine layering piece: remember when models Cara Delevingne and Kaia Gerber even squeezed themselves into one?

If you’re in the market for a cardigan, you’re probably a fan of being as comfortable as possible — and thus, probably me-time too, right? To help you unwind, we also want to suggest this neck massage pillow that’s equipped with 3D rotating massage nodes. Imagine wearing your warm, soft cardigan as the massage pillow goes to work on your tense joints. Now that’s euphoria, more than most holiday gifts could offer.

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