Tiffany Cohen Is Known as the Loc Doctor for Celebrity Clients

Image Credit: Tiffany Cohen

In Florida, Tiffany Cohen also known as the “Florida Loc Doctor” has established herself as a leading figure in the loc care industry by regularly managing a roster of celebrity clientele including entertainers, athletes, and even a few high-level executives as clients. As the founder of Built Custom Dezigns Loc Studio, she’s quietly built a name for her top-tier services in an upscale environment, focusing on the cultural and personal significance of locs. Part therapist, part hair-whisperer, her clients fly in to see her from all over the country. With over 20 years of experience and multiple accolades in natural hair shows, Tiffany’s journey into loc care stems from her passion and deep understanding of locs as a form of identity and natural beauty, her desire to serve and take care of others and her drive to be the best at what she does.

On a typical day, you’ll find her at Custom Dezigns Loc Studio, a by-appointment- only salon where clients experience much more than primary hair care. “For many, this is a self-care escape from the demanding realities of their day-to-day.” The salon offers various services, including retwisting, deep conditioning, styling, and Wic maintenance each customized to fit the client’s needs. Tiffany’s expertise and her team’s skills ensure that treatment blends art and personalized loc care.

Tiffany’s approach extends beyond hair care. She is an educator and mentor who has trained over 25 stylists. Her coaching sessions and classes share her extensive knowledge and passion, solidifying her position as an industry leader. “I remember when I was starting out, I didn’t have a mentor. My goal is to share what I learned the hard way with my students so I can save them time and make them more successful, rapidly.  It’s a sincere formula that seems to be working. Students swear by Tiffany’s ability to coach. However, her journey has been challenging. Tiffany’s story shows her strong will and ability to adapt. She used her fear of failing as a way to push herself toward success. “I knew that this was my love and if I just stuck to it and learned as much as I could about all aspects of locs as well the business side, good things would eventually come my way.” Her ability to solve problems has been evident at every step. For her, building a successful salon was more than just a business. It was about creating a top-notch and innovative place in the loc care world. “It’s funny, my students and stylists see me working with celebrity clients and I have to remind them that this wasn’t always the case. None of this was given to me on day one, it’s the result of a combination of serendipitous events, luck and a lot of grinding it out everyday.”

Tiffany’s salon is more than just a place for hair care. It is a place where creativity and personal connections come alive. Her way of doing things is unique: she cares about her clients and adds her creative touch to make their visit memorable. She knows how vital loc care is to people and gives every client special attention.  In today’s world, where everything is online, Tiffany makes her mark online, not just in her salon. She is active on sites like Amazon and YouTube, sharing tips about top-quality loc care and showing off her expertise in microlocs, loc extensions, and loc products. Being online helps her reach more people, share her knowledge, and keep up with new trends in her field.

The result is Tiffany’s Custom Dezigns Loc Studio has begun to stand out because of it’s unmatched quality, excellent craftsmanship, and great customer service. The studio’s unique designs, ethical practices, and competitive pricing make it a top choice for clients. It caters to a diverse clientele, including professionals and individuals on their natural hair journey aged 25 to 70. Tiffany’s salon is more than just a place for hair care; it celebrates each client’s identity and journey. “Yeah, it’s not just about hair, we can’t stress that enough.” Clients affectionately refer to Tiffany as a scalp psychiatrist for her ability to uplift her clients and nurture souls. It speaks volumes of her talent in hair care and creating an environment where clients feel revitalized in spirit and appearance. 

Custom Dezigns Loc Studio under Tiffany’s leadership, stands out in the loc care industry. It is a place where tradition meets innovation. For those seeking a salon that understands the depth and beauty of locs, Tiffany Cohen’s studio is the go-to destination where she treats her clients with the ultimate care and respect they deserve.


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