‘The Way Home’ Star Sadie Laflamme-Snow Promises ‘Answers’ to the Jacob Mystery in ‘Unpredictable’ Season 2 (Exclusive)

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The Way Home left fans with Kat’s declaration that she thinks she knows what happened to Jacob. When season 2 premieres on January 21, the series will pick up exactly where it ended. “We just see the fallout of what it means to make a statement like that after all these months of trying to heal and trying to fix things for Dell and fix things for the family,” Sadie Laflamme-Snow told Hollywood Life exclusively. “To say something so explosive is a really cool place to pick up from, and you just realize that there’s unfinished business.”

Jacob’s disappearance crushed the Landry family, and the three generations of Landry women are still searching for answers as to what happened to him. Sadie revealed that the journey continues and will bring more revelations about Jacob’s fate.

“I think similar to season 1, you really follow the characters as they seek those answers and hopefully get them as well,” she said. “I don’t want to spoil too much, but we don’t leave people on that kind of crazy cliffhanger for no reason. We’re going after those answers, too. Without spoiling too much, I think people are going to get some answers that they’re looking for and also just get so many more questions. The more you unravel these things, the more questions come up.”

Chyler Leigh and Sadie Laflamme-Snow in ‘The Way Home.’ (Hallmark)

In addition to Kat’s Jacob bombshell, the show introduced us to another timeline: 1814. Kat was revealed to be the White Witch and could be seen jumping into the pond in the finale. She made sure to note that she’d be back for Jacob.

“As an audience, you’re wondering, well, how did she get here and what does this have to do with 1999? What does this have to do with a little boy who went missing? Why is she dressed like this? There’s just so many questions that open up there,” the actress admitted. “I think the fun part is that we give that confirmation of who it is. We say okay, this is Kat. And then for season 2, you get to see the sequence that leads up to that, and you do get those answers as to why we see that flash. One of the big throughlines in the show is that the pond takes you where you need to go. There’s been so much pain and so much loss in the disappearance of Jacob, so there has to be some answers as to why did any of this happen? What’s the origin of this family, and why did it require the loss of this little boy? And with that loss came so much pain for the family. There’s some answers that come from that as well.”

Alice and Kat’s relationship had its ups and downs over the course of the first season. However, Alice was shocked to learn from Kat that she never travels back to 1999 again. “That really hurts Alice to think that she’s losing that whole part of her life that made her really happy, and she never gets to go back there,” Sadie said. “What we see happen at the beginning of season 2 is that she starts being able to poke some holes in what Kat said to her about her time-traveling adventures, and she starts to think, okay, people are not telling me the whole truth. My mom said that I don’t go back, but things are starting to seem like maybe I do. That’s kind of her whole vision this season is to figure out why people are keeping that from her and what really happened. What’s her purpose with going back? No one seems to be able to tell her the truth.”

Sadie Laflamme-Snow at ‘The Way Home’ event. (Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock)

In the season 2 trailer, Alice can be seen screaming by the pond for Kat. Sadie stressed that we’ve already seen how the pond can be a “malevolent force” and “where you need to go isn’t always where you want to go.”

She continued, “I think that there’s the chance there’s kind of this threat of if I try and go back to somewhere where I feel like I have a purpose and I feel like I belong, that isn’t always what the pond is going to make happen for you. It’s really unpredictable. At the end of the day, we’re starting to feel like that could have been where Jacob ended up. He ended up being declared missing, and then ultimately, Del even pronounced him dead at the beginning of the first season. Losing someone in the pond is not nothing. It’s something that shaped their whole family. If Alice doesn’t know where her mom is, and it has something to do with the pond, it runs deep for their family to have that fear.”

Elliot decided to leave town to start a new chapter. Not only because of his feelings for Kat, but he’s always felt like his life has been pre-determined ever since Alice told him his future in the past. Sadie addressed Elliot’s decision and how Alice’s reaction is because she doesn’t know the full story.

Elliot, Alice, Kat, and Dell in season 2. (Hallmark)

“She feels like her mom’s best friend up and left when she needed him the most, and she feels really protective of her,” Sadie told Hollywood Life. “She also feels really abandoned by him because they have a friendship, and she really depends on him for all the time travel stuff. She goes to him about everything, and he’s always been her guide in the present and in the past. She’s mad at the beginning of season 2. She thinks that it was just incredibly selfish of him to leave. I think that’s because she doesn’t know and she also hasn’t really taken accountability for what it means for her to have gone back to the past and given him a prophecy about how his whole life would shape out. I think that, ultimately, that’s part of why he left. She just doesn’t know that so unpacking that and untangling all those hard feelings that they have in their friendship into the past and present is something that they have a lot of work to do on season 2.” The Way Home season 2 will air Sundays at 9 p.m. on Hallmark Channel.

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