The Cast of ‘Mean Girls’ Reunites as Their Original Characters in New Walmart Black Friday Commercial

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This really is so fetch! Lindsay Lohan, Lacey Chabert, Amanda Seyfried and several additional actors from Mean Girls reunited for a brand-new Walmart Black Friday commercial — and the cast gave off major sequel vibes while playing their characters.

The ad — which dropped on November 1 — introduces viewers to a whole new clique of Plastics at North Shore High School, where the original characters now work. Cady Heron (Lindsay) works as a guidance counselor, Karen (Amanda) is an on-air sports reporter, and Gretchen is a mother. 

Even the Mathletes’ Kevin (played by actor Rajiv Surendra) reprised his role, portraying a dad who says his famous catchphrase to his kid, “Don’t let the haters stop you from doing your thang, Kevin Jr.” 

The commercial begins with Cady saying, “At North Shore, some things never change. On Wednesdays, we still wear pink.” Next, Gretchen rolls up in her silver convertible, saying to her daughter, “Get in, sweetie! We’re going deals shopping,” a nod to Rachel McAdams’ character Regina George’s line, “Get in, loser! We’re going shopping.” (Rachel was not present in the commercial). 

Cady is then seen sitting at her desk at the school, talking to two students that appear to be part of the Plastics gang. “Even as the guidance counselor, I was still getting schooled,” she says, before adding her totally awkward yet always iconic line, “Grool” (a combination of the words ‘cool’ and ‘great.’) 

Gretchen also tries to get everyone in on her “fetch” catchphrase, until her daughter tells her, “Stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen, mom. It’s still never going to happen.” 

A Mean Girls reunion wouldn’t have been the same, though, without Daniel Franzese, who played the forever funny Damien. Viewers see Damien at the winter talent show waving to Karen, Gretchen and Cady, who are sitting in the audience to watch the students perform. 

As the perfect nod to the OG stars, Gretchen’s daughter and her clique of friends perform the stylish rendition of “Jingle Bell Rock,” which of course can never go wrong — until one of them accidentally kicks a Walmart speaker off the stage. And as the totally present mommy she now is, Gretchen’s parenting resembles those of Amy Poehler’s character, June George, Regina’s mother. Gretchen holds up her camera in the audience and brags about being a “good mom” to her child. 

To top everything off, Cady and Damien stand in the center of the hallway where – instead of pages from the “Burn Book” are printed — flyers from Walmart’s deals create chaos among the students. 


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