‘Teen Mom 2’: Kailyn Lowry Cries Over Rumors Chris Lopez Got Another Woman Pregnant

This may be a new season of ‘Teen Mom 2’, but old wounds are still causing a great deal of pain for Kailyn, Chelsea, Leah, Briana and Jade.

Teen Mom 2 is back and MTV kicked off the show’s tenth (yes, tenth) season with a whole lot of drama. First, Kailyn Lowry dealt with some unfortunate news about her on-again/off-again lover, Chris Lopez. After moving into her new house with her kids — one that’s closer to Chris and more convenient for his visits with their son, Lux — Kailyn heard a rumor about Chris possibly getting another girl pregnant.

Chris initially denied the rumor and said it wasn’t true, but Kailyn thought he could have been lying to her. Especially because he didn’t even tell his own family that she was pregnant until she was about halfway through her pregnancy. Anyway, Kailyn tried keeping herself busy by picking up her kids from their dads houses and hanging out with a new mystery friend (I swear, these girls have new friends every season), but when a random number texted her about the pregnancy rumor, she couldn’t avoid it any longer.

So Kailyn took it upon herself to call Chris and ask if he really did get another woman pregnant, but again, he said the rumor wasn’t true. She accepted his answer, but once she got off the phone with him, she cried about the situation. Especially because she knew that if Chris did get someone else pregnant, she’d feel forced to cultivate a relationship between Lux and his potential half-sibling. (Side note: This was filmed before Kailyn got pregnant with baby Creed.)

Kailyn Lowry (Photo Courtesy of MTV)

Later, Briana DeJesus became frustrated by Luis‘ absence, so she tracked him down at a nightclub where he was deejaying. Apparently, he wasn’t driving trucks anymore, so she didn’t understand why he hadn’t come to visit their daughter, Stella, yet. Anyway, Briana and her friend, Shirley, went to the club together, but Luis couldn’t talk until he was done with his shift.

Shirley ended up leaving before the club closed, but Briana, who admitted that she was pretty drunk at that point, stuck around so she could converse with Luis. And once outside, they had a heart-to-heart about his role as a dad and why they couldn’t make things work while they were dating. He then promised to see Stella every weekend, and she asked him to take her home.

Meanwhile, Leah Messer was forced to do damage control after her ex, Jeremy Calvert, bashed her other baby daddy, Corey Simms, at the Season 9 reunion. Jeremy had insinuated that Corey never goes to his daughter’s doctor appointments, and Corey was mad that he wasn’t at the reunion to defend himself. So he promised that he’d be at the next one, while also teasing that he may or may not go off on Jeremy during it.

Finally, after a major fight with her mom at the reunion special, things got even worse for Jade Cline at Kloie‘s second birthday party. While she had patched things up with her mom, she and Sean hit another breaking point and he said he wasn’t going to go to the party. But he did end up going, and when he showed up, he became extremely upset after seeing his grandparents had been invited. He threw a fit, ripped of his microphone and stormed off.

Oh, and Chelsea Houska got a surprising call from the police station after an arrest was made. One year after her house was burglarized, the police thought they found the man that broke into her house. However, after she and Cole DeBoer went to the police station to see if authorities had collected any of their belongings from the suspect’s home, they realized nothing that was brought in had belonged to them.

Want more drama? New episodes of Teen Mom 2 air Tuesdays at 8pm on MTV.

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