Taylor Swift Fans Lose It After Radio Show She’s Hosting Plays Songs From Justin Bieber & Ex Harry Styles

Wait a minute. As Taylor Swift kicked off SiriusXM’s new home DJ series ‘Hits 1 n chill,’ quarantined Swifties began freaking out when the show included songs by Joe Jonas, Harry Styles, and Justin Bieber!

“To keep you company during quarantine, here’s some of the great music I’ve been listening to,” Taylor Swift during the premiere broadcast of SiriusXM’s Hits 1 n chill, a new Home DJ series, on Apr. 3. She kicked off her DJ set by playing Conan Gray’s “Maniac,” after raving over his “phenomenal” album, but from there, fans were surprised when suddenly, “Intentions” by Justin Bieber came on. The bad blood between Taylor and Justin — over Taylor’s fierce loyalty to Selena Gomez and Justin’s fierce loyalty to Taylor’s music industry nemesis Scooter Braun — is well documented. Before Swifties could react to that, “Adore You” by Taylor’s ex, Harry Styles, came on. The setlist contained tracks by potential frenemy Ariana Grande (“Into You”) and her other ex Joe Jonas (“What A Man Gotta Do,” by the Jonas Brothers), which left some Swifties calling shade.

“Taylor swift choosing Justin Bieber’s song to play even after everything he’s done to her is KILL EM WITH KINDNESS,” one fan tweeted. “TAYLOR PLAYED ARIANA GRANDE INTO YOU GOODBYE MY TAYRIANA HEART AHHHH” “WHY DID TAYLOR PLAY JUSTIN BEIBER SONG OMG. “a Justin song… I’m confused. “I love how we’re all claiming Taylor picked adore you but not dance monkey or Justin.” Since Hits 1 n chill features both some of the host’s favorite songs as well as some of the most requested hits on SiriusXM’s Hits 1, fans deduced that it wasn’t Taylor who included Bieber/Ariana/Harry. “Lol you guys playing #harrystyles is a [smirk] and playing  @justinbieber is just OFF BRAND,” one fan tweeted at @SiriusXM

“so which intern at Sirius is getting fired for playing Justin during Taylor’s hour,” one joked. “I definitely think Taylor only picked the ones she introduces because there’s no way in hell she would’ve played a Justin song,” another said. It would be the Hits 1 listeners who picked these songs since they’re the most requested on the channel. However, Taylor did pick Niall Horan’s “No Judgement,” saying that she “absolutely love(s) this one.” She also gave an update on what she’s during a quarantine during her stint as a SiriusXM DJ.


“I’ve been doing a lot of cooking, a lot of reading, a lot of watching films I’ve never seen before, but mostly I’ve been online figuring out how to help others. I am constantly being in awe of first responders, emergency workers, healthcare professionals putting themselves in danger every day by going to work. Shoutout to everyone working in the medical profession or just helping out!” she said. Taylor also noted that she was “doing a weekly FaceTime call” with her family and friends, and stressed that it’s important how we all stay connected during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

“We may be isolated physically, but we can keep in touch, we can play games with friends and family via our phones. That’s one of the great things with modern technology! I hope you’re doing lots of self-care and staying connected to people that remind you of home, even if it’s a strange and all-consuming situation at this moment.”

“I hope you’re all good,” she said at the end. “I hope you’re healthy, and I really hope you’re quarantining! Be sure to be safe, practice self-care, social distancing, self-quarantine, wash your hands lots, and check-in with your friends – we’ll get through this together!”

Taylor was the first major star on SiriusXM’s new Hits 1 n chill series, but she will not be the last. Niall Horan, Camila Cabello, Sia, 5 Seconds of Summer, Diplo, Kelsea Ballerini, Charlie Puth, and Pete Wentz are just some of the names slated to take over Sirius XM Hits 1. These music stars will play the most requested hits and offer some of their faves. Currently, SiriusXM announced free streaming access through May 15, so fans can catch the next installment of Hits 1 n chill at home for free. For more information, they can check it out here.

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