Sofia Franklyn on What She’s Looking For in a Man: ‘Is Being Rich a Characteristic?’

Image Credit: HollywoodLife / Hunter Moreno

Sofia Franklyn has not been shy about what she is looking for in a man and when she exclusively spoke to Hollywood Life, she made it clear what her main priorities are in a relationship. 

When asked what characteristics she looks for in a guy, she responded, “Is being rich a characteristic?” Sofia, who is HollywoodLife’s October cover star, continued with, “Patience, kind, and ambitious.”

Sofia describes herself as a ‘total realist’ when it comes to men. “I know that loyalty should definitely be [a quality] that’s up there, but I do think that it’s more important to me that a guy will provide for me financially, then hope and pray that we’re going to be together forever and they never cheat,” she explained. “Which sounds depressing, but it’s just me being a total realist.”

On a recent episode of her podcast, “Sofia With an F,” she freely shared that she often asks men for their bank account information on the first date, because she “only wants to date a wealthy guy that has money.” Her opinion on men and relationships even gained national news — a Fox News panel, along with other news sources, shared their thoughts on the matter.

Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz went so far as to call Sofia a “gold digger,” as he disagreed with her outlook on finances in relationships. When HollywoodLife asked about the matter, she responded, “When I watched the Fox News panel, I was audibly laughing just because watching there’s these three out-of-touch old white people talking about whatever I said in that interview was hilarious.” 

She continued, “I thought it was really comical. But it was a little bit shocking to me, like, how widespread and how much attention it got.”

When asked if the haters and backlash ever get under her skin, she responded with, “No, honestly, no, but I think I haven’t always been that way. I think I’ve gone through the worst of the worst of it. And so now it’s kind of like everything is pretty easy. And it takes a lot to actually upset me. I’ve garnered some thick skin for sure.”

As for how she believes her outgoing personality and unique career have affected her relationships, “I don’t think that my confidence has been an issue. But I think that my outlook, and maybe my job has posed some kind of issue in relationships in the past,” she explained. “I think for men, it can be hard to be with a really confident, self-sufficient, successful woman. But I also think it’s something that attracts men to women. So it’s kind of like this double-edged sword.”

A trending topic is finding out what a woman’s “ick” is, which is a quality that can instantly become a turn-off romantically. When we asked Sofia what hers were, her responses were, “If he owns an acoustic guitar and plays it ever, I’m out.” She also shared, “When I went back to a guy’s apartment, he had a Squatty Potty and it wasn’t even it wasn’t even hidden. It was just on the toilet and it just stays there. That was pretty alarming.”


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